It was a glorious sunny spring day and being on a roistered day off work I decided to head out to the local nudist beach to sun bake and see if there was any action available in the secluded shady dunes where horny guys like me cruise for cock. I am in my early sixties and due to my work I am fit for my age and still have a slim toned body. I got all my gear off and naked walked a couple of hundred yards up the beach and back and there was no one else around.

I was feeling a little horny as I love being naked in the sun at the beach and my cock was beginning to come to life in the breeze so I began to strop myself up. I had been there over an hour and there had been nothing going on apart from about three guys walking past and none of them showed any interest despite the fact I was sitting there with a nice hard on. I stood up and lean against a big rock and next minute this naked guy come along and walked over to me and struck up a conversation he was older than me and had a pot belly and a big cock and low hanging nuts and he was very hairy and I do not have a horse cock but it rises to the occasion to just under six inches and I keep my pubes shortly trimmed and my nuts smoothly shaven. He never touched his cock at all despite he had a half hard on and as we talked I began to nonchalantly slowly stroke my now fully erect cock between my thumb and forefinger to see if there would be any reaction but he just watched and said nothing it or made any move then he said goodbye and left and I thought to myself that it looked as if all the sex I was going to get today would be a good old wank.

About ten minutes later the old guy came past with another guy about the same age but with a body more like mine and they waved and kept going about fifty yards up the beach and turned around and the first guy was walking back along the water’s edge but the second guy was heading for where I was and he grinned and said hello and sat next to me and I thought his cock was pierced and he told me it was his balls and he had a bigger cock and nut sac than me and was all smoothly shaved and he told me I had a beautiful cock as he reached over to grab it I let go of it out of my hand and reached for his fat cock and he then asked me if he could suck my cock and well that was why I was there after all so I told him to be my guest and that I wanted to suck his also and he certainly knew how to suck and I said I wished that we could have 69ed there and then but we had no towels to put on the sand and he was sucking me so good I had to pull out as I was on the verge of cumming and wanted it all to last a bit longer so I dropped to my knees and began sucking his big hard cock as he moaned appreciatively and I stood up to catch my breath and he immediately dropped to his knees and swallowed my throbbing boner and began sucking it in earnest as I reached up and held on to a hanging tree branch with both hands to keep my balance and let him go for it and it was one of the best suck jobs I had had in a long time and I was now hanging there fucking his face and past the point of no return and as I tried to pull my cock from his mouth I moaned I am gonna cum and he said he wanted me to fill his mouth with cum and he swallowed and sucked like mad as I blew my nuts off and he sucked me dry and he kept sucking but my cock was just too sensitive. As I walked back to my car smugly satisfied at the wonderful head job I had just had I thought to myself that maybe the first old guy was a talent scout for cock for the other guy. Sadly I will not be running in to him again for a while as he was from interstate and was flying home the next day. I really can’t forget those memories and it keeps on going in my mind as I walk in the beach alone.

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