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So there he was, parking his car in the parking lot of a hot gay club. Having just turned 18, James was somewhat of an amateur when it came to gay sex. Before tonight he’d jacked off with another boy and let the guy shoot on his face, and sucked a gay dick for about 5 minutes before he got too paranoid and quit, seeing as how they were in a public restroom. Tonight he was going to go the distance, and had been eager for this all week. He was coming from renting a hotel room and was so horny he thought about jacking off in the car before going in. He walked towards the entrance, fantasizing of taking a nice thick gay penis in his muscle gay ass and mouth, and returning the favor on both ends.

Upon his first step into the club, he could tell this was a great idea. There were so many guys with absolutely ripped bodies grinding and kissing, rubbing each other’s hard gay cocks and whispering back and forth to each other. It seemed like everywhere he looked there was a guy that he’d love to let be the first cock inside him. Not being able to go to the bar, he got a soda and took a seat in a booth close to the bar. It was so sensual already, his cock was so gay hard it was throbbing and his mind was wandering over a hundred thoughts a minute, all of them involving him and another man.

He loved it, he could stare at the bulge in any guy’s crotch, exchange lustful looks with sexy gay hunks, and nobody judged because everyone in the place was doing it. After about a half an hour or so of sitting near the bar James had managed to spark up an interesting conversation with a man named Ben who looked to be a lot older than him, about 30-35 probably, but still had muscular men shape. They were talking about their fantasies and past experiences when the Ben must have had enough of the silence and broke it with the proposition, “So, man, I’m here with a guy I work with that’s around my age, and we’re looking for a hot young one about your age to have some fun with us.” James seemed speechless for a moment, only because he realized how fun this might be. For some reason it turned him on like crazy that the two men were much older than him, and he felt the need to please them. “Sure, I’ve actually got a room at the motel down the street if you guys want to do it there we can go in my car.” “Cool, like I said I’m Ben, my pal’s named is Walter.”

It was a short ride to the motel room, and on that short ride Walter introduced himself. All of them were so fucking horny by this time thinking about it that they were all pretty much silent for a few minutes as they came in and all sat at the foot of the bed, James in the middle. After those minutes went by with a maximum of ten words being spoken, the ice was broken as Walter unbuttoned and unzipped James’ khaki shorts, and pulled them off. His dick was hard as a rock and was very visible through his men’s underwear. Both of the older men were rubbing on his 7″ dick, and kissing on his neck and hairy chest while they undressed and finished undressing him. James had one cock in each hand as they sat there, kissing each other while their dicks got even harder, and pre-cum ran down the head of all three pulsating cocks.

The men were in such a state of ecstasy now they could have fucked through an earthquake. James was told to get down on his knees at the foot of the bed and take turns of the two hot muscle cocks, so he did just that. Sucking on one while he rubbed the other’s hairy gay balls, and switching up, if he wasn’t sucking on a dick, he was jacking it or rubbing it. The two older men were enjoying each other while this was going on, kissing and rubbing each other, but the both seemed to be most turned on by the young man on his knees between them, doing everything he can to please them.

Both of the older men stood up and Ben stayed there on his knees, playing with his dick, eager to hear his next order from what were his two masters for the night. “Lie down on your bare back, at the edge of the bed,” James did so, “and put your legs up on my shoulders.” As he put his legs up on Ben’s shoulders Walter knelt down on the bed beside his head, hovering his cock, wet with spit, over his mouth ordering him to lick his balls. Ben lubed up his hard thick throbbing cock and stuck the tip of it in James’ ass. With his tongue on Walter’s balls and his hand wrapped around Walter’s dick he let out a moan of pain that thick cock in his tight virgin ass hurt even with all that lube. Ben was gentle for a while, up until it was obvious James was having more pleasure, bouncing his ass up and down with Ben’s dick in it, and Walter’s dick pushing into the back of his throat.

By now, Ben was fucking James hard and fast, and he loved every second of it. Every time Ben would thrust he would work a little bit harder on Walters’s big dick. “I’m almost ready to cum,” Ben said “You fuck him ’til you get ready too while I watch and jerk it and we can cover his face together.” Ben slid that dick out of James’ ass, which was quite a bit wider than it was 20 minutes ago, and James moaned with immense pleasure. He was in heaven. James got up and bent over the bed now, as Walter got behind him. Walter grabbed him by the hips and pushed hard with every thrust, putting all of his 7.5″ in James’ no-longer virgin but still wonderfully tight ass. James was so into it, begging his master to fuck him harder. It actually felt so good that by just playing with his dick a little bit then he had a huge messy load between his stomach and the blanket. While Walter pounded James in his hot wet ass, Ben really thought James needed something in his mouth to quiet him down, so he knelt in front of him on the bed and let James take it. James was so surprised, he thought that a dick coming out of his ass would be gross, but it was so hot. The lube Ben had used was strawberry flavored and his dick really did taste good.

Walter felt like he was getting close, so he pulled out of James’ ass, and Ben got down off of the bed. They ordered James to get on his knees in front of them, and take turns on their cocks again. It didn’t take either of them long, Walter came first. He shot a heap of cum, most of which landed on James’ tongue, some dripping down his chin. James was told to keep the cum in his mouth, until Ben came too. He didn’t have to hold it very long before Ben moaned with pleasure, holding James’ head still and shooting James’ second extra large helping of hot tasty cum into his mouth. As both of the older men’s dicks began to get soft, James played with them, with his dick still hard until he jacked it until he busted.

The two older men left the hotel a few hours later that night after another hot session like this, and James still meets up with the both of them from time to time, sometimes just one of them, but occasionally the both of them, and that’s when things get really fun.

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