Barey Mobley and Nigel Crockroft are Definitely Hot Gays

Barey Mobley and Nigel Crockroft are Definitely Hot Gays

Hot Gay Pics of Barey and Nigel Showing off Their Muscular Gay Body

My name is Nigel, I just turned 20 and for a while, I’ve wondered what it’d be like to be with another man.

I’m fairly tall and lean, with short black gay hair and green eyes. I’ve got a nice muscle gay abs, and an 8.5 inch uncut gay dick. I’ve always liked the way I look, and so did my boyfriend. Stanley and I had been together for almost two years and we were inseparable.

We would do everything together, I’d always be at his house during the day, and since his parents enjoyed having me around, they’d invite me to stay during dinner with the family. So I’d end up sitting in between Stanley and her brother Chris.

Chris and I had always gotten along very well. He and I had the same interests. We used to play football and tennis together. But all the time Chris seemed a little awkward around me. I have a very good feeling that he is gay also like his brother Stanley. He was 21, and currently at university, and was a tall muscular gay jock. He had deep hazel eyes that seemed to stare me down, and a hairy chest, and great gay muscle biceps that he always showed off by walking around the family pool topless during the summer months.

One Friday morning I had off from university, I thought I’d surprise Stanley with a visit, knowing that his parents would both be at work until late afternoon. When I knocked on the door, Chris answered wearing nothing but a loose towel around his hips.

I was shocked. I’d always been a little jealous of Chris’s perfect muscular men built, but seeing him dripping wet, with a towel around him, his long dark hair matted and wet against his scalp, looking like a Greek Adonis with his nice hairy chest and the little inkling of hair above where his towel met his perfectly tanned skin, it got my heart raising. I’d always had a thing for hot hunks.

“Hey Nigel, Stanley got called to work so won’t be home today. You can come in if you like, I was just gonna lie down and watch a movie” Chris said.

It took me a second to focus away from his muscle hunks body and to what he was saying.

“Sure, I was just stopping by.” I said, and I followed him inside. We went to the living room, and I sat down.

“Do you want a drink?” Chris asked me, heading towards the kitchen. I accepted, and watched him as he walked towards the kitchen. Suddenly, his towel unraveled, his nice hot muscle butt and big gay dick, 9 inch uncut I saw, were right there in front of me. My gay penis raged in my pants.

“Sorry, he said quickly.” And he went to try and hide himself as he reached for the towel, but upon seeing my willing and stunned face, he hesitated. “Actually, is it okay if I just leave it off? You could join me.” I didn’t know what had come over me, or him being so confident, but I just nodded and stood up, taking off my gay tee shirt.

Chris walked towards me, his arm outstretched, touching my hairy gay chest. “You are so much hotter without your shirt off Nigel.” He said, his strong embrace moving me closer towards me. He leant his head towards me, his lips touching mine. They were nice and wet, a hint of tongue piercing my lips, opening and forging itself in my mouth. It was better than I ever imagined, and we stood there French kissing, my arms caressing, inspecting his flawless wet muscle men body, his chest touching mine, our body heat colliding, his hands against my hair, pushing me closer towards him. Not that he needed to, I was already his.

“I knew you wanted me from the first time you saw me” Chris continued, as he backed away, moving his hands towards my hard gay nipples, taking each one by the mouth and nibbling on them, sucking them. Stanley had done this to me before, but Chris’ mouth was very strong and willing as he circled me.

I was in heaven. “Yes, I always wanted you Chris, oh god you’re so great” I whispered. He took my belt, yanked it off my jeans, forcing the jeans off, leaving me with nothing but the white men’s underwear that I were trying so hard to keep my cock from springing out.

And suddenly, he took his arms and ripped my underwear for men off, exposing my bulge to him. He licked his lips, “Let’s see if my sister ever did this as good as I did, shall we?” as he knelt down on his hands and knees, one hands grasping my balls, the other my shaft, as in one quick movement, he sunk my cock straight into his willing mouth. All of my meat he slammed down, without even thinking. It felt so great, he didn’t even gag.

“You’re a natural” I moaned, as he swirled my cock around his mouth, licking and sucking and biting on the base, slurping my luscious cock. I could take no more of this, I was so willing to try anything, so I pulled out and got down on the floor to join him.

“You want a taste?” He asked as he laid down on his back the floor, his cock springing to life. I had never held a cock before, but the moment I did, I knew it would be the only thing I’d ever want to hold, as I starting playing with his perfect dick. I lick off the pre-cum, nice and sweet as I allowed more and more of him inside my mouth. I let my hands explore his sweet balls, playing with them while pumping his shaft, one moving down to his glory hole, and upon reaching there, he moved away.

“No no no no no” Chris told me. As he kept closer towards me…kissing my neck ever so sweetly. “It’s not my ass that is going to be explored, it’s yours.” I was shocked by this, but I willingly accepted as he grabbed me and laid me on my bare back, lifting my hairy boy’s legs in the air, exposing my tight ass. He then began probing his tongue in my ass…it felt so good, as his tongue entered wetting it. And as soon as I started moaning, he entered his great fingers, teasing them in and out of my ass.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me” I yelled, as he moved his tongue away and replaced it with one large dick. I didn’t think I could take it but he didn’t allow any second thoughts. He shoved it quickly up my ass, a mixture of pleasure and pain and he bent over pumping me and kissing me passionately.

Yes, yes I yelled, as my cock could take no more, he pumped harder and harder as I exploded all over my abs and chest, while feeling Chris’s love juice filling my ass.

He licked all my come off me, as well as in my ass, and then kissed me, saying…”why don’t we get to the shower?”

I followed eagerly…

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