Black and White Gay Pics

Black and White Gay Pics

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Standing up and stretching his hands high over his head, I lay in bed admiring Rob’s tall, muscular men build. I lowered my eyes to gaze upon his gorgeous, now flaccid 7 inch, uncut gay dick which I was into. A thin sheen of my fluids glistened up and down his entire shaft from our customary morning gay sex. I sat up, leaned over the edge of the bed and kissed his soft, purple head, breathing in the mixture of our scents. Rob went to the bathroom and I remained in bed enjoying the warm, wet, numbness that enveloped my bottom.

There was nothing I loved more than having Rob cum inside me first thing in the morning. He was the first man I let cum inside me and I loved the intimacy it provided me. I felt full and my mind wandered as I recounted how many times we had gay anal sex since I arrived last night. A smile broke out on my face and I sighed knowing that Rob had just made his fourth deposit since last night. The guy was a god!

Upon my arrival Friday afternoon we headed immediately up to the bedroom since we had not seen each other all week. My hole was tight and resistant from a week of no use, but Rob was patient and overcame my resistance with an incredible rim session that had me practically begging to be fucked. It always hurt when Rob started push himself inside me, but once the pain subsided it was always worth it as our muscular gay bodies eventually became one. Rob’s first load of the weekend was incredible for both of us, he says he thinks of nothing more than fucking my small, tight ass and by Friday he desperately needs release. He came loud and long…my greedy, little ass taking in every last drop of man seed he could deliver.

After a quick dinner Rob took me out to the living room and sucked my gay penis on the couch, within minutes I was begging to suck his hard gay dick too and we rolled on the couch in 69, sucking and slurping noises filling the room. We feasted on each other’s muscle gay bodies until our desire to fuck overwhelmed us. We quickly headed back to the bedroom where Rob grabbed me from behind by the hips as I was about to crawl into bed and slide himself inside me. The initial penetration of his dick made me shutter as the sharp, quick pain once again marked my violation. Once the pain passed and his dick began to advance deeper he moaned as my soft, warm, already cum drenched bottom enveloped his throbbing cock. I moaned too, captivated by the feeling of complete fullness he created inside me. I always loved our initial coupling when I first arrived because Rob always came so heavy, but what I really enjoyed was our second round and it was a very nice hardcore gay sex. Now my bottom was thick with his seed and his dick glided effortlessly once inside me. I could tell Rob loved the warm, wetness too.

Rob was a complete nymphomaniac and had an insatiable homosexual appetite, matched only by my lust for cock. After my hairy gay legs began to tire we climbed onto the bed, careful not to separate and began a long, satisfying bareback sex session. Ron knew I loved it when he moved slowly in and out of me, letting me experience the full length of his magnificent tool. In time our pace quickened the slapping of our flesh together echoing throughout the bedroom. In a maddening frenzy Rob rammed his gay hard shaft right up to the hilt and released himself once more deep inside me.

We rested for several minutes and then headed down stairs for a drink. In the living room I lay down with my head in Rob’s lap as we watched television. With Rob gently caressing my black gay hair I lifted his soft, limp cock up to my hot gay lips and took his spongy, purple head into my mouth. I gently sucked my new found pacifier enjoying the salty remnants left over from his last load while I watched TV. His cock slowly stiffened and I slid off of the couch and knelt down in front of him and spread his hot muscle legs wide open. With his cock and balls fully exposed I began to probe his crotch with my tongue. I was totally fascinated with Rob’s cock, its’ shape, its size, as I kissed and licked his gorgeous tool.

I was in awe of its beauty and power it held over me taking every opportunity I could to worship his magnificent cock. I took it in my hand and wrapping my lips around its now full, mushroom-shaped top, my head began its very slow decent into Rob’s crotch. My mouth quickly filled with his throbbing cock as I continued to try to force myself down further and further stopping only when my lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft my nose buried in his patch of course, black pubic hair. My eyes watered and I fought the urge to gag wanting only to please Rob to the best of my ability. I was fortunate, Rob was a very patient and experienced partner, who never pushed me past my limits knowing that I always tried my best to please him. I pulled back to avoid gagging and settled into a nice, slow rhythm, my head bobbing up and down in Rob’s lap. I did my best to drench him with my saliva before climbing up on the couch to straddle his shiny, wet pole.

Rob sat further back into the couch and watched as I grasped the high back of the couch reaching down and inserting him inside me. I then squatted all the way down until I sat in his lap taking every inch of him as deep as possible. Grinding my ass into his crotch I couldn’t help but enjoy the deep, dull ache that his throbbing head, now 7 inches deep inside me created. As I was forcing my ass into Rob’s crotch and moaning I realized that I had begun to masturbate. I opened my eyes and saw Rob smiling at me taking a glance down as I stroked my own cock his smile grew. I couldn’t help it, but I was like a bitch in heat, placing my hand back on the top of the couch back I swung my ass up and down impaling myself on his rock-hard shaft. My ass was soaked as my own fluids mixed with the two loads Rob shot inside me earlier. My hole wept cum down onto Rob’s balls and his lap became one big, sticky mess as the pace of our fucking increased.

Rob began to rise off of the couch and in one quick movement rolled me onto my back. I spread my legs wide as he knelt before me and pushed my legs back along the sides of my chest, opening me as wide as possible. Totally aroused Rob slammed his incredible cock in and out of my ass so hard that the couch began to bang against the wall. I found myself whining out in a mixture of pain and pleasure; I needed to cum and reached down for my cock. Rob’s breathing quickened and I could tell he was getting close to climaxing; I began to masturbate furiously wanting to cum with him. Rob’s thrusts became harder and faster as large waves of very dull, very deep pain welled up inside me his cock now seeking out unexplored recesses of my body. Each time he slammed home his rock-hard cock I reacted with a low, guttoral groan, trying desperately to take the pain I only wanted to do everything possible to satisfy Rob.

With my ankles now by my ears he was free to drill into my ass as far as he pleased and he did just that, I was whining in a mixture of agony and ecstasy, the sound of our wet flesh slapping together became deafening. Rob was now too deep and the pain was unbearable, “Fucking cum god damn it, just fucking cum will you!” I spat out. Rob began to cry out, “Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck!” Upon hearing him shout out I looked down in time to see my own cock starting spewing thick jets of cum all over my own chest. As I came I could feel the muscles inside my ass tighten around Rob’s cock as it remained motionless releasing his seed into my very deepest confines. The sensation caught him off guard and he growled out “Shit, what the fuck are you doing to my cock that is incredible!” We came together for several minutes, Rob slowly moving back and forth in my ass while stroking my cum drenched cock until we were both entirely drained of every last drop.

When Rob withdrew from me he headed to the bathroom. My hole was completely battered and so loose that I could feel his cum trickling out. Thankfully, it was bed time and my hole could get some rest. I couldn’t possibly take any more cock tonight. After a shower and fully exhausted we retired to bed.

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