David Kimmerle

David Kimmerle

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Awhile back, my neighbor’s brother and I would secretly have gay sex. I would be over at my neighbor’s place for whatever reason, and any chance we would get to be alone we would make out. I remember when we broke the ice…I was at his place watching a football game with him and his brother, my neighbor. My neighbor left to run errands, so I stayed with his brother to continue to watch the game. During halftime he went into the kitchen for some snacks, and I followed him.

I couldn’t help checking him out, and I noticed he’d check me out as well if I wasn’t looking. I caught him, and we stared…I think we had had an attraction for awhile. I caressed his face…it was clean shaven, very fine, almost feminine. I kissed him, and ended up making out for about five minutes. We paused, and then continued only more intense. My penis was gay hard, and I wanted to fuck him. He rubbed my penis, only when we heard his brother pull up in the driveway. I ran to the bathroom to wait until my erection went down. Later we made a sex date, only to be interrupted again. After that we never got another chance. They moved and I started a relationship with a girl, so my gay fantasies lay dormant for awhile.

After awhile, my fantasies of men on men having hardcore gay sex only grew stronger. I would browse through “Men Seeking Men” online ads and be aroused by the handsome men that posted their erotic gay pics. I wanted to start off by giving a blowjob, after seeing how much I enjoyed being sucked…I wanted to pleasure another guy. I had played with my hot gay ass after watching gay porno film, so suddenly I had the urge to bottom. I first showed off me playing with my hot gay ass through gay webcam chat to random guys, in exchange for seeing them jack off and cum. I did it several times until I decided I wanted some real meat.

I replied to an ad for a guy who I thought was a good match. I’m uncut so I always had a thing for uncut gay dicks. He was uncut and had muscular gay body. I sent him a picture of me, naked men, on all four, and within two minutes he replied with his phone number. I called, and he gave me directions to his place, which was fairly close.

I arrived, and he greeted me. Just like in his picture, he was well-built, only not as tall as I had imagined. I could see he didn’t want any talk, and I was okay with that so we went into his bedroom. He undressed and lied on his bed. I wasn’t horny until I saw his uncut big gay dick. It wasn’t as big as it seemed in the picture, but it did have good girth. I took my clothes off except my underwear for men, and lied upside down on his bed with my head on his crotch. I grabbed his dick, and briefly enjoyed grabbing my first dick. I stroked it slowly, feeling it getting harder and harder. I put it in my mouth, and it got even harder. I swallow it up and down the shaft, and massaged it with my tongue. Then I put it all in my mouth, and sucked intensely, bobbing my head up and down.

I could taste the pre-cum and it made me want to suck more. He started to moan but my neck started to hurt, so I changed position. I got on all four and to his side, and went back down on him as he started fondling my ass. He used spit and pre-cum from his dick and lubed his finger. He pulled my men’s underwear down, and while I sucked him he started playing with my ass. He rubbed my anus, and I started to moan. He inserted his finger, and rubbed the walls inside. I was so excited, I wanted him to bareback me, but he put on a condom. He didn’t have lube, so he used lotion. I got on all four in front of him. My ass was really tight, so it took him awhile to get it in, and he did not get it in all the way like I wanted and it hurt. He thrusted in and out, a little harder each time. At first it was real painful, but I relaxed and it eventually felt good. I moan and groaned, until he got it in all the way with one push…I screamed.

Then it started to hurt, so I asked him to stop. He lay back down, and took off the condom. I was still horny so I started giving him a hand job. More pre-cum started coming out, so I went back down on him. I sucked until he exploded inside my mouth. By then he didn’t seem all that horny, which surprised me when he came. He shot so much jizz out I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth and some oozed down his penis and balls. I had tasted my own cum before and liked it, so I looked at him with my tongue out and swallowed. He smiled as he saw me swallow. I then licked him clean and swallowed what my tongue picked up. He cleaned himself off, and then I went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I found it very arousing to see my lips and chin covered in cum. I looked back at him, and gathered the cum on my lips and chin with my index finger and sucked my finger dry. I wanted to look like a cum slut like in gay porn movies.

I left his place, not believing I had just had my first real homosexual experience. Not only a blowjob but also gay anal sex and swallowing cumshot to top it off. My ass isn’t so tight anymore, and I may be tempted to look for him again, only this time for him to bareback sex and cum inside my ass.

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