Derek Anthony is Incredibly Hot

Derek Anthony is Incredibly Hot

Free Hot Gay Pictures of Shirtless Hunk Derek Anthony

Hi there. My name is Derek and I am 22 years old. I am 5’8 tall and 165 pounds. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I do have the rippling gay muscles of a Men’s Health Magazine model. Well I had a pretty much normal, happy childhood and I have great friends, I’ve known almost all of them since high school.

I always thought of myself as being hero, in the kind of community that I grew up in everyone was “straight” and Homosexuality was totally taboo. Well on this one afternoon when I got home from school I noticed new people were moving in right next to us. My mother was talking to the new neighbors and called me over to say hi and she introduced me to Mrs. Atkins. She was a very gorgeous woman and kinda sweet, saying I`m too sweet and handsome man.

She said I would be the perfect friend for her son, Josh. Josh was apparently not there yet. I thought okay, it wouldn’t hurt to meet the guy when he arrives. So after dinner while I was doing the dishes for mom the doorbell rang and I went to open the door only to find this beautiful, muscle hunk, hot muscle men creation on my doorstep. “Hi I`m Josh Atkins” he said in a deep voice. I don’t know what came over me but I could not utter a single word at the time. “Are you Derek?” he said in that deep voice again. I nodded like an ass and finally said yes. He smiled at me and just walked past me into the living room. I offered Him some soda and he came with me to the kitchen, we started chatting about this and that and we knew quite a bit about each other.

Well we started to hang out every day after school and over weekends. It was during summer break that we really got to know each other. I still could not understand why I reacted so foolishly when I first met Josh because I have seen lots of hot hunks before and never gave them a second thought, yet at times when I am alone he would infiltrate my thoughts and I`d be thinking about how sexy gay hunk he look with his black gay hair spiked up or his innocent smile. All these thoughts really turned me on and I had no idea how to handle, let alone control it. So I decided to keep my distance from him as I felt extremely guilty of having these thoughts. I managed to evade him successfully a couple of times but when he came around looking for this one Tuesday afternoon I had no choice but to face him.”So where have you been all this time, I thought it’s supposed to be holiday but we never spend time together anymore” he said in that deep voice again.

Oh that voice, its speaking to my heart, it’s like music to my ears, Oh my God I have a hard on. I panicked, what should I do, oh Lord please heaven give me a sign…..and with all this crazy emotions flooding me, don’t know if I`m coming or going, seems the walls are closing in on me and it seems Josh is moving closer and even closer to me and my lord he is kissing me. I felt his soft, sweet lips on mine and his tongue was driving my lips apart. I felt this electricity spark throughout my whole muscular gay body and without thinking I kissed him back. He was pressing his entire muscle gay body into mine now, driving my body up against the wall, grinding his hips into mine.

Oh my lord what is happening, I like this feeling of our cocks rubbing together, up and down, left to right he massaged his gay dick with mine. He pulled down my track pants and white men’s underwear together and released my straining member and I pulled his shorts down to reveal his massive 8.5 cut dick. He took both our cocks in his hand jerked it profusely, sending shivers through my entire body. Why have I never heard of this kind of love before, why didn’t we do this much sooner, I felt like a prisoner released after years in confinement.”I want to suck your cock ,I want it deep down in my throat, would you like that” he asked whilst breathing heavy in my ear, placing delicious wet kisses all over my neck. This is heaven, bliss oh my first taste of ecstasy. He went down on his knees teasing my glistening helmet which is oozing with pre-cum already.

I like that I told him whilst panting like an animal. Encircling my bulbous head with his tongue I felt my big gay dick disappear into his hot, wet mouth. up and down he bobbed his head, faster and faster he went sending me into a storm of emotions, happy, excited, pure pleasure, ecstasy oh lord I can’t hold on, I`m slipping, my heart is racing faster and faster yet up and down he bops his head in record speed keeping his powerful suction on my cock. OOOOOOOH……I`M CUMMMMMMMING!

With one powerful explosion I unloaded what felt like an ocean of my hot young seed down his throat. He continued sucking me dry while I tried to regain normal breathing then he came up to meet my mouth and gave me a long powerful French kiss, giving me my first taste ever of my own cum. I had a lot of firsts today but best of all I had my first man love today. Josh and I still have our wonderful relationship and we do enjoy our daily gay sex.

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