Don’t Cover That Head

Don’t Cover That Head

Huge Gay Muscles of Sexy Gay Hunks

Arnold was used to being locked up. He grew up in the rough part of Miami and his appearance let it be known. Under is jet black gay hair, that sometimes drifted down into his piercing green eyes, laid a face that looked just as dangerous and mysterious as it did handsome and full of life.

Walking through the doors into the prison where he would serve out his 10 year sentence for robbery, the fact he was going to be here for a while kicked in. The name tag of the officer walking Arnold down the Smithway said J. Smith. Smith was muscular men built with a military haircut and hint of stubble on his serious and handsome men looks. The officer led Arnold into a bathroom and shut the door behind them. The bathroom had a single toilet, a sink, and a shower with no curtain. “Here prisoners must shower before being placed with the other inmates.” Smith said, “So strip.” Arnold thought the officer was acting a little strange but did as he was told.

Standing there naked men, Smith could see Arnold had a muscular gay body. His slender frame and hot muscle abs looked amazing as Arnold tensed up a little from nerves. Arnold tried to hide his soft 8 inch gay dick in his hands with little success. The officer looked Arnold over and told him to step into the shower. “And your just gonna stand there?” Arnold asked. The officer didn’t answer but instead turned the shower on and bending inches from Arnold’s big gay dick. The officer took a step back and Arnold nervously began to shower. Every now and then he passed a sideways glance over to the officer. Smith was watching Arnold with hungry eyes. He watch as Arnold lathered the soap and rubbed it on his hairy chest and stomach.

He watches it drip down his bare back and down his hot gay ass. He started to rubb his cock, feeling it get bigger with each stroke. Knowing this was going to be the last time he was going to be able to shower alone Arnold thought he should make the best of it even if Smith was watching. He hadn’t noticed Smith discreetly feeling on his uncut gay penis so he got a little more soap in his hand and started to slowly stroke his limp dick and wash his hairy gay balls and ass.

Arnold thought about how nice it would be to blow his load in the shower but remembered the officer was watching. Arnold started to wash his hair and Smith thought this would be his best opportunity. He knelt next to the shower grabbing for Arnold’s wet free swinging dick. “What the fuck are you doing!” Arnold yelled. “Don’t fight this”, said Smith, “it’ll only make your time here harder. Smith grabbed a confused Arnold by the waist and pulled him out of the shower. When Smith got on his knees Arnold knew he wanted what the officer had to give. Arnold always thought about being with men when he was locked up but always worried he would be caught.

This was his chance and Arnold’s young, cut, freshly washed cock instantly perked up when Smith began to play with his balls and rub on the head of his dick. “I can tell you want this”, Smith said. Smith felt pre-cum on his thumb and licked it off. It was exactly what he was waiting for.

That first taste of this young boy drove him wild and he violently started licking Arnold’s hard gay thick cock. He took it in little by little as he bobbed up and down on Arnold 8 inches until he got it all down. Arnold soon realized Smith was giving him the best blow job he had ever had and let out a moan of pleasure. Arnold moved his hips back and forth fucking the officer’s mouth until he shot his whole load down the officer’s throat. Smith took Arnold 8 inches out of his mouth and slowly licked it from one end to the other tasting all there was to taste of Arnold. Smith got to his feet licking up the crease in Arnold’s abs and stopping to suck on his defined pecs and slender neck.

Arnold leaned in and started to kiss his new friend at the prison when Smith instructed him to “turn around and grab the sink”. Arnold wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t know if he was ready but remembered what Smith said about making things easy and again did as he was told. Smith again got on his knees and spread Arnold ass as far as it would go. He stuck his finger in his mouth and rubbed it up and down on Arnold asshole. Smith moved forward some and lowered his face into Arnold’s sexy, gay hard ass. Smith wet Arnold’s ass and slid one finger inside slowly moving it in and out. By this time Smith had his thick 7 inch cock in his hand and was stoking a massive hard on.

Smith obviously loved tongue fucking Arnold because he couldn’t get enough and had Arnold in a state of ecstasy. Smith moved around to the front of Arnold and stuck his dick in Arnold’s face. Arnold couldn’t wait to get his first taste and let Smith into his mouth without hesitation. “Get it nice and wet for me” Smith said. When Smith was satisfied with his blowjob he pulled his hard cock out of Arnold’s mouth and moved back around to rub his dick on Arnold’s ass. Arnold knew the huge dick what was just in his mouth would soon be deep inside him. Smith grabbed Arnold by the waist and guided his stiff dick into Arnold’s tight virgin ass. Smith went slow at first with just the head in and went deeper as Arnold’s ass loosened a little.

Soon Arnold’s moans of pain turned to pleasure and Smith was deep inside Arnold. Arnold could feel Smith’s nuts banging on his ass as Smith went deeper and deeper. Arnold could feel Smith far inside him and he loved every second of it. Smith was holding Arnold by the hips and pushing his cock as far as it would go into Arnold. Just as Arnolds pleasure started to return to pain Smith let out a groan of ecstasy and blew his load all over Arnold’s tight ass. “Is the whole prison like this?” Arnolds asked. “This was nothing”, Smith remarked, “Wait until tonight.”

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