Eric Brooks, Shane Giese and Spike Jones Will Rock You

Eric Brooks, Shane Giese and Spike Jones Will Rock You

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I was at a bar one night and had been drinking quite heavily. Of course seeing all the hot muscle hunks there had me horny as hell. So when I left the bar to go home I thought I would stop by the local adult bookstore as everyone knew you could always find someone there wanting to give you a blowjob.

So off I went to the bookstore. As soon as I walked in I saw a group of handsome men standing just inside of the doorway in the hall where all the movie booths were at. As soon as I got up to them one asked me for a light for his cigarette. It was very dark back there in the hallway and where the booths were at. As I gave the guy a light I saw a tall black guy at the back of the hallway coming towards us really fast. He looked at me and asked if I would like to watch a movie. I said sure thinking he was going to give me a blowjob.

Once inside the booth he quickly locked the door and put money in the machine to start the movie. We both stood there watching the movie when all of a sudden the time was up and the movie stopped and he had to insert more money for the movie to play some more. After the movie started back up he looked at me and asked me if I was going to do anything? I was shocked to say the least! I thought he wanted to suck my big gay dick but instead he wanted me to suck his cock. Without hesitation I answered yes. He undid his pants and pulled out his black gay cock and I dropped down to my knees and grabbed his gay penis with my right hand and leaned forward and started sucking his cock! It was awesome. I loved the way his cock felt and tasted in my mouth. Next thing I know my own cock was very hard gay. All I could think, was the tables were turned, he was the master and I was his slave.

Here I was on my knees sucking a black gay’s cock and I loved every minute of it. It was the best feeling I have ever had homosexually. His cock was so big and long it was gagging me. I kept grabbing his gay dick with my hand to keep from gagging but he kept pulling my hand away and finally grabbed the back of my head so I couldn’t get away from him. That is when I knew I loved sucking black cock. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I was taking every inch of his long black cock down my throat. I controlled my breathing and the gagging stopped. I was deep throating him and loving it. It’s as if I was meant to be a cock sucker. I didn’t want it to ever end it felt so good. All of a sudden he started to cum. The first load of his hot creamy cum hit the back of my throat and slid right down. It felt so good.

The next load splattered all over my tongue with his massive cock pushing it to the back of my throat and on down to my waiting stomach. He just kept shooting load after load of his creamy nectar into my waiting mouth and I didn’t want it to ever stop. I started saving it in my mouth so I could swish it around and enjoy the taste of it. Finally I felt his cock slowly starting to shrink in my mouth so I reached my hand up and grabbed it so I could squeeze his cock and milk out every drop of his precious cum. After about his second or third load of cum shooting inside of my mouth I noticed that I was cumming in my own pants.

Here I was sucking his cock and when he started cumming in my mouth it made me cum all over myself. He literally fucked my mouth with that huge black cock of his and made me cum in the process of swallowing his cum. Finally with all his cum in my mouth and stomach he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said thanks! Then he left as quickly as he had appeared. If there had been 10 or 12 more black guys in the booth with us that night I would have gladly sucked off every one of them.

I think of that night often while jacking myself off wishing that once again I had a big black cock to suck. It was truly the best gay sex experience.

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