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Explore Your Fantasies Here

Porno Gay Pictures of Hairy Bears

A couple of weeks ago, I was assigned a project in performing arts class, I was trying to transfer from USC to a better acting college because acting was my true passion, but to do that I would have to pull my grade up in performing arts…

The project was a group assignment, so everyone had to pair up…I didn’t really know anybody there, because school had only started the day before, and I was a freshman. Suddenly, the hottest hunk I had ever seen walked up to me… he was about 6 foot tall, a brunette, muscular men shape, and from the bulge I saw in his pants, he had a big cock. He said “Hey, you want to be partners?”… I froze… Somehow I managed to say “sure, I guess” “Alright, cool, he said, “Be over at my place at 6:00, it’s dorm room 14c.” “Alright”, I answered.

I had never been attracted to handsome men like that before, I mean, I had always assumed that I was one of the straight college men. I fucked playgirls all the time, and I liked it. Girls had always come easy for me, I mean, I’m not a bad looking guy, 5’10, muscular gay body, tan and 8 inch gay dick… I had guy friends in the past who I thought of while I masturbated, but I never would have thought to do anything with them… but I figured, why fight it? If I was going to Rick’s house tonight, I was going to see if he was gay… and if he wasn’t that was okay too, but I wanted some hardcore gay sex, it had been nearly a month, and I never seen a dude completely naked in person, except in Gym class back in high school… I was going to get some action… even if it wasn’t with rick.

I waited and waited, it seemed like days, two hours had passed and I was ready to bust my nut… it was 5:30. “Fuck it”, I thought “I’ll just go now”, and with that I left to go find his dorm.

When I arrived, it was 5:45, I knocked on his door, a voice from inside said “Come in, I’ll be out there in a minute.” So I did what the voice told me and went inside… It was a nice looking place, but it had a weird smell…” It was coming from a sports bag on his computer desk. Incents, I thought so…, that’s when I noticed his computer, it was nice, a dell, and he was logged onto AOL. I checked his “recently visited sites and was shocked! He had more sex porno film than I had ever seen in my life! Jesus, and there must have been 50 different sites, and half of them were hot gay porn sites! I clicked on a link, and I took his webcam, It wasn’t live, but it was a dude beating his gay penis, I was about to close off the site when Rick came in from his weight room…

“Dude, what the fuck?!?!” he said “What the hell are you doing?” “Nothing” I responded, he looked pissed off… “What do you mean nothing?!?!?!?!” He yelled, “You’re looking at my shit”, “It’s not a big deal I said, every guy has porn, even gay porn movies…” “I hadn’t seen any gay porn before but I just said I did… After a brief pause he said “I’m not gay… I’ve never even touched another guy.” I knew this was my chance so I jumped at it… “Do you want to?” I asked, “What do you mean?” he said… “You obviously have gay issues, and you haven’t had gay sex, right?” I said… He nodded his head… “Then do you want to?” My heart was beating… It was judgment time… He sure was taking a while… Finally he said “Alright let’s go”

I couldn’t believe it, I was about to have sex with one of the hottest guys I had ever seen, and damn, I had to take a piss… I’ll be right back, I said, “I’ve got to use the bathroom…”

When I came back out, he had taken his gay tee shirt off, He had hot muscle gay abs and nice pecks… then he took off his shoes, sox, pants until finally only his men’s underwear were the only clothes he had on… He slid them off quickly, releasing his nice big gay dick, and uncut, I didn’t measure but it was about 10 inches…

We moved closer to each other, and our lips met, he was a good kisser. I slowly licked down his neck over his hairy chest and down his stomach “Shit, suck my balls” he said. “Not yet…” I told him. I bent him over on the best and pressed my face against his rank ass. Slowly a pushed my face into his between is cheeks… first my nose then my tongue… I tickled his crack with my tongue until finally I shoved it in as far as I could… With this he let out a moan, and I continued to eat his ass out. After a couple of minutes I was ready to fuck him silly. I said “You ready?” and without saying anything else, I started to shove my penis in. His ass was so tight, but I managed to get the head of my penis in, and after that, it was smooth sailing.

I began to move back and forth slowly, I wanted to start out gentle… “Fuck, this hurts like shit!” He said. I didn’t pay much attention to him, and continued to hump him slowly, before too long he began to buck into me, and he moaned as if he was enjoying it. So I picked up speed.”Don’t stop” he said, I just kept going, faster and faster, until I was fucking him as hard as I could. “I’m cumming” I said. He moaned as I released my nut deep into his ass.

After a minute or so, he moved right in front of me… his six pack was staring me in my face… I knew what he wanted. I began to lick down his stomach, until I reached his sweaty hairy gay balls, they smelled musty, but not bad, it turned me on.

I took his penis and put it in my mouth, starting with the head of his dick… I bobbed my head back and forth… “shit!” he said, and not a minute later, he said “I’m about to cum!” With that he sent a river of hot cum down my throat!

After we rested we got to working on our project. We got an A grade.

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