Gateway To Your Fantasies

Gateway To Your Fantasies

Naked Men Having Fun Doing a Gay Porno Film

It was August, and it was my 18th birthday, and I had a swimming party. So anyways, I invited my boyfriend at the time, Jake, to the party. He was 6 foot tall, brown eyes. He had black gay straight hair, down to his chin in the front, and the top of his shoulders in the back. He was a real gay jocks build. He was all smooth, except a little triangle above his gay dick, which he kept trimmed, and a little hair on his calves, which faded out to a perfectly smooth bubble but. He was the fucking hottest hunk I have ever seen…especially with a 9″ gay penis!!!

After everyone had left, we went inside and said goodnight to my mom, then back out to my pool house to go to bed. The pool house was about the size of a normal bedroom. The pool house was on the other side of our yard. I had a bed and a futon in there. We made the futon look like he was sleeping in it just in case my mom came out to us in the middle of the night we wouldn’t be scrambling to do anything.

We got to sleep at around 12:30…at about 2:15, I woke up to a strange noise, someone was rummaging through an overnight bag and I realized it was Jake looking for something. It sounded like he was looking for his house keys because I heard some jingling or something. He then realized I was awake, and crawled on top of me, like he wanted to make out. He took my hands and pulled them over my head like he wanted to take off my gay tee shirt, but once my hands were above my head, and close to the headboard, he cuffed me to the bed!!! I screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?”. He replied in a very calm and quiet voice that just sent chills down my spine. He said, “It’s too fucking late to resist now…you have no power over this, and even if you do scream, we’re too far away for anyone to hear.” He was right. Nobody could hear my screaming. After a minute or two, he got sick of my screaming, and said that if I didn’t shut the fuck up, he’d gag me. I told him to go fuck a dead moose, and he slapped my big gay dick …REALLY hard gay!!! It sent me jumping.

For an 18 year old, he sure had a lot of toys. I wouldn’t shut up, so he took out this teaser type thingy. It looked like an electric razor, with a wheel on the side that controlled the intensity, and there was a button on the side. When you press the button, it shocked until you stopped pressing the button. He started shocking me all over my muscular gay body, even on the ass hole. That was the best. He then crawled up and said, “Since you won’t shut the fuck up, even though it’s really turning me on, I’ll just have to gag you!” He more than gagged me. He took his 9″ gay hard on and shoved it down my throat. He’d pull me all the way to the base, so I couldn’t breathe because for one, his hot gay cock was blocking the air path, and also, I couldn’t breathe because all his pubes were going up my nose. He would keep me there for about ten seconds, and when I he let up, I said I couldn’t breathe when he did that. He responded by saying I’d have enough time to breathe when I licked his hairy gay balls. He continued to fuck my face and gag me until he was just about to cum. He then worked his course, ruff hands down my hairy chest and hot muscle abs. He started playing, pinching, and flicking my nipples. Then, he groped my waist, cock, and thighs. He lifted my ankles above my head, right next to my wrists, and tied my right ankle to my right wrist, and the same on the left. He had an evil sadistic smirk on his face while I begged him to stop. He said he loved torturing vulnerable innocent looking and that’s exactly what I was, and still am; a 5’7″ blonde with a 32″ waist and protruding hips.

He continued shocking me while he face fucked me some more. He loved watching me squirm, and try to get free. He had such a huge raging hard on, and so did I. He finally stopped, and just left me lying there for a minute. I started screaming again, and he gagged me …but for real this time. This whole time, we were both completely naked except for our socks, which were pretty sweaty and disgusting. He decided to not only shove his socks in my mouth, but my pair as well, along with his men’s underwear!!! After he gagged me, he flipped me on my stomach, with my ankles still tied to my wrists, my hairy boy’s legs twisted and spread wide apart, and my ass open to the world, unable to avoid anything that wanted to get in. He started tickling me, and continued shocking me. He loved that teaser, and from the looks of the little thing, it was well scratched and well used. He loved torturing me, He finally stopped, only long enough for me to catch my breath, and then he started spanking me! He positioned me on his lap so that my hairy gay balls were hanging down between his legs. He’d squeeze his legs together so that if I struggled against his spank, I’d not only get spanked, but my balls would get squeezed really badly. A lot of the time, he’d spank me right on the hole, and I’d scream into the gag, and he’d just laugh at me.

After that, he started teasing me with a dildo, and rubbed up and down my crack, let it rest on my hole, etc. He finally took out the gag, and made me bog to be fucked, and of course, I did, because that’s all I really wanted at that point. He flipped me back onto my back, but retied my ankles and wrists together through the headboard, so my ass was sticking straight up in the air! Begging to be fucked, he finally rough fucked me so fast I wanted to cum. He said that if I came, he’d gag me till it turned purple, then stop, and do it again at least five times, so I tried as hard as I could to hold back, and not cum. He kept fucking me, and fucking me, until finally he came in my ass. A huge load and I felt it running out of my ass for at least three minutes after. Unfortunately, when he came, so did I, and I begged him and begged him not to gag me again, so instead, he took out a HUGE butt plug. I looked at it and started scream, and begged for him not to stuff me. He loved it. His soft cock grew to a full 9″ again, just from my begging alone! He took it, and without lube, SLOWLY pushed the huge thing up my ass. I was begging and pleading to stop.

Finally, when it snapped in place, he uncuffed me, and made me walk around the room with it up my ass. Then, he made me sit on his lap, and positioned his knee right on the base of the plug, just adding more pressure to the damn thing. He started bouncing me like a baby. I had such a hard on, and I was begging to cum, but he just cuffed my hands back to the headboard, and went back to sleep. And I was left there, with a raging hard on, a butt plug in my ass, and not able to do anything about it! The next morning, Jake gave me the best blowjob I have ever gotten in my life. After that night, we stayed very close, and switched off playing the master and slave roles, but I can never wait till it’s my turn to be the slave.

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