Gay Bodybuilder Frank Defeo Loves Attention

Gay Bodybuilder Frank Defeo Loves Attention

Showing off his Gay Jock Butt is What This Gay Bodybuilder Loves to Do

My hot hunk neighbor and I did not really get along that well. One day out of the blue he came knocking on my door and asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride with him. I said sure and I was going to meet him at the corner of our streets in 10 minutes.

He’s name was Sean and was in year 10 (age 16) like me. He was a bit shorter than me and I was just less than 6 foot.

I met him at the corner and he had a large backpack with him. I had no idea what was in it and I did not bother asking.

We started riding and kept going for about an hour. We ended up on a medium sized hill that was covered in tall grass overlooking the city below. We stopped. We were both hot and dripping with sweet as we got off our bikes. I sat on the dirt path next to my bike and Sean told me he would be back in a few minutes. He went off into the long grass while I was left with the bikes on the path. I started to sip my water bottle that I brought. About 10 minutes later, Sean am merged from the grass and picked up his bike. He did not have his back pack with him. He told me to follow him and started heading into the grass. I picked my bike up and followed.

We came to a clearing and I saw the bag, but it was empty. I looked at the ground and saw a blanket over some squashed grass. The blanket was about 2 meters long and 3 meters wide. I stood there puzzled. I had no idea what was going on but, Sean did. He put he’s bike down and sat on the blanket. I did to. I asked him what’s with the blanket and he didn’t answer me. Instead he answered me with a kiss on the neck. Now I knew what was going on. He wanted to have gay sex with me. I had like to sit at the computer and wank over gay porn videos. He kept kissing and started to undo my gay tee shirt. I laid back and let him do so. I became cold has my hairy chest was exposed to the chilled wind. He kept kissing lower and lower. He got to my jeans and undid them. My 7 inch big gay dick was now exposed and he started to suck. He sucked for ages and at the same time got undressed. It was the best feeling in the world. I moaned has he slowly taken more and more of my gay penis into his mouth. It must have gone on for 10 minutes before I started to cum. I cummed into his mouth and he drank it like water. After he finished swallowing he got on top of me and stared to kiss me on the lips. We rolled around on the mat, our stiff hard gay dicks rubbing one another. I stopped and bent down and slowing stared to suck his gay penis. He moaned and after another 10 minutes his 6 and a half inch cock let out a load of cum. I drank it. He rolled me onto my bareback and slowly inserted his gay hard cock into my hot gay ass. It hurt a lot but the pain slowly went away as pleasure came. He started pumping hard and fast. He breathed heavily as his already sweaty muscular gay body slammed against mine. He pushed back my legs and moved closer to me. He stared to kiss me again and I let my load go all over our hot muscle six packs. He pulled his dick out of me and cummed all over me. He rubbed the cum into my abbes, the warmth taking away the winds chill. He said to me “now do it to me” and I did. He, with his hands covered in cum wanked my dick so it was sleek. I inserted it into him and started pumping, He had had gay sex before I could tell because his ass was looser that mine. I kept pumping and he screamed with enjoyment. I cummed into his arse and withdrew my dick. I lay down beside him and we kissed. Both of our bodies were covered in cum and we rolled around while kissing until we couldn’t move.

A few hours later we woke up to find that it was sunset and we set off home. We had gay sex almost every weekend from then. In my pool, in a tent, and other strange places. We even had a 5 person group sex with some of his friends. But that is another story. I will never forget the day where we had gay sex on that hill where we rolled around covered in each other’s cum on a now cum stained blanket.


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