Gay Bodybuilder, Mike Dragna, Has Amazing Muscles

Gay Bodybuilder, Mike Dragna, Has Amazing Muscles

Sexy Gay Hunk Mike Dragna Loves To Show Off His Huge Gay Muscles

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It had started toward the end of my senior year in college. He sat across from me in class and would sometimes flirt with me. His name was Mike. Everyone knew he was gay muscle men, and while it was still frowned upon by most people in our school, he seemed to remain popular. By the end of that year, we had only become friends. I talked to him from time to time and would occasionally flirt with him while no one else was around. By my friends and peers, I was presumed straight and even though I want to have gay sex with Mike, I knew it’d be social suicide.

I had gained much popularity myself somehow. Just being more social then ever and attending a few parties also. I still talked to Mike quite a bit gay video chat and when others weren’t paying much attention. We sat at the same lunch table now. He was a big flirt too. He’d flirt with any handsome men, whether they were gay, bisexual, or straight college men. He flirted to me a lot.

“Whoa.” I was surprised to feel a palm on my ass in the middle of lunch. “Oops, now how did that get there??” Mike said removing his hand. “He he I don’t know” I tailed, on the brink of blushing.

“Dan, you should come over to my place sometime, maybe we can find out. Maybe do some homework, among other thing.” He winked at me.

It was just a Wednesday, nothing was going on as most were doing homework that night. So I got online. Mike Instant Messaged me right away. He said, “It’s a good thing you got online, I had just started jacking my big gay dick off, come on over.”

I was nervous about that. I wasn’t sure if I could trust him not to tell anyone. On the other hand, what did I care? For almost a year I had wanted him. Wanted his hard gay dick. Now was my chance. Lately I had been downloading gay porno film, I’d get off on that more now than having sex with playgirls. Sometimes when I jerked off I’d finger my hot gay asshole, just get an idea how it’d feel. I enjoyed it. I decided I’d go to his place, and I ran there, which was just a few blocks away. He opened the door in his briefs and a gay tee shirt. Already out of breath from the run I was turned on by him even faster. We began making out for a bit in the doorway. I didn’t care who saw anymore.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he said. In his room my socks and shoes were off. As was my shirt. He was rubbing my bareback with lotion. It felt so good and warm. I had been keeping a gay hard-on since I walked in the door. “So do you just wanna fuck?” I was speechless, I could only nod. He told me to undress and I did. I couldn’t help myself anymore, I had actually lost all control. My pants and men’s underwear were off now. He was behind me and he pushed my upper muscular gay body onto his bed and stuck a lubed finger into my hot muscle ass. He pulled them out and latched one hand onto my waist while he stuffs his hard, uncut gay penis into my ass. “Oh! Shit!” I yelled. My heart was beating and I was trembling, my eyes welled up with tears.

I was loving every minute of it. He’d thrust in and I’d clench the sheets, he’d pull out and I’d moan. “I’m gonna cum soon.” Mike said intensely. I leaned forward and he was pulled out of me. I knew what I wanted now. I turned around and sat on my knees. I removed the condom and put his cock in my mouth. This was my first time sucking a cock too. It was warm and throbbing inside my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. Mike showed me what to do. I jerked him off and sucked his hard smooth cock. I could feel him building up as he ran his hand through my black gay hair. He shot his hot wet load in my mouth as I swallowed. I stood up and he laid me on the bed and sucked me off. I didn’t realize when I came, all I thought of was how much of a dream this night was. When I was done he got dressed, and I took that as my cue to leave. He didn’t say anything as I left.

Later on I had asked him not to tell. I wasn’t upset as I eventually had to dodge the rumors that I’m a bi sexual. Someday I’ll come out, maybe when I’ve gotten some more experience. For now I’ll keep all seven inches of this between Mike and I.

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