Gay Bodybuilder Model, Jeff is Amazing

Gay Bodybuilder Model, Jeff is Amazing

Showing off His Muscular Gay Body Is What This Gay Bodybuilder Do Best

When I got out of the train station, all three of them were waiting there. Uncle John and his wife, Christine and my other uncle, Jeff. Jeff is definitely hot, he has a nice muscular men body and a hansome men face to die for. We had always known that Jeff was gay…it was simply something that my family accepted, and had gotten used to. But recently, I don’t know why, but I was getting…urges to tell him that I was, like him, gay. I didn’t let anyone know, I went out with some playgirls, but when I was around him I just wanted to scream out that I liked the big gay dick! I had never been away from my family before, nor had I been to New York!

It was going to be a great trip! Anyways, once I got out of my train, John told me that I would be staying with him for my whole stay except for the last two days, where I would be with Jeff. I showed my approval and we were off to their house. For the first week, I did the usual tourist stuff, you know, shopping, sight-seeing, theatre. I have to admit, my trip started out pretty badly.

Then came the last two days. The days that changed my life. The best days ever! When I arrived at Jeff’s pad, he told me to sit down, relax, and have some fun! It was sort of hard to have fun though, seeing how the urges were coming again!

“Tell him!” my mind was saying, but I knew I couldn’t, it would turn my life around, and my family would hate me, as would most of my friends. You see, I would tell someone if I knew they could keep a secret. But not Jeff, he wasn’t exactly the most trustworthy man of the century. Anyways, Jeff told me that he would bring me to a bar during my stay and I wasn’t opposed to it so I accepted, thinking that he was just going to bring me to a, you know, regular bar. Boy was I wrong! The name of the bar was Woodies. I guess you understand what kind of bar it was…I entered into a world of pink clothes, leather pants, and tight men’s underwear. I didn’t really know how to react! Should I go along with it? Should I leave telling Jeff that I was *cough* straight? Or should I actually find myself some man candy, yet blow my straight-guy cover? I decided to stay, but only to make my uncle happy. Inside, everyone was giving me looks! They were all eying me! I didn’t know what to do! I guess I was hot hunk for them…

This was crazy! Maybe they just liked my tight jeans! There was a guy though out of the group who was actually sort of hot gay. Jeff introduced me to him. His name was Ayden. He was gorgeous. I could see his bulge in his pants. Oh my god, I just wanted to go over there and squeeze it! Take it in my hands, unzip the zipper, take out his hard gay dick, and suck it! Oh yes! But no, no, that couldn’t happen. Jeff was right there after all!

Over the course of the night, Ayden and I got to talking. We started flirting lightly with little compliments here and there, when suddenly after a while, I realized I really liked this sexy gay hunk! And even stranger, I think he really liked me! I told him that I had to go to the bathroom, and left him alone at the bar. I tried to go down the stairs leading to the washroom as quickly as possible, so that I could run as quickly as possible back to Ayden. He was so hot muscle gay! Anyways, I was washing my hands when something phenomenal happened. Ayden walked in, looking at me with those intense eyes of him, and began to savagely kiss me. Oh my god it felt so good. It felt amazing! I loved this man so much! “Yes!” I want to have gay sex with him so badly. I cried with pure happiness.

We went into one of the stalls and he began to lightly stroke my large gay penis in my underwear for men. I did the same, as we were both making out. However, right then the unthinkable happened. We somehow managed to forget to lock the stall and who else would walk in but my uncle Jeff. He just stood there, looking at the two of us all over each other. But another miracle happened after that! He simply gave me his keys to his flat, telling me “Use the bed well. Good Luck kid!”

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