Gay Bodybuilders Fighting

Gay Bodybuilders Fighting

Men on Men Fighting with Huge Gay Muscles

The smell of the air was sweet as I walked to the steps of the library building as I have so many times before. There was something special about that day, I knew it. As soon as I opened the doors I was awestruck. My muscular gay body expelled tingles as I saw the man of my dreams across the room reading a book. He glanced up and our eyes met. I quickly turned away so that he didn’t think I was looking. After glancing back I saw him smile at me. Oh what a beautiful smile.

I went about my business in the library, but that wasn’t what was on my mind. No, it was the young man that I saw when I entered. I kept thinking about how I could get to know him. He was sitting with a beautiful young lady, so he was obviously straight. However, I couldn’t get that face out of my mind. I traveled the stacks of the library and decided that I had to get another look. I nonchalantly walked back towards him, with a book in my hand. I sat at a table not too far away from him, but far enough that it didn’t seem like I was staring. Oh my gosh, was I drooling?

A few seconds later, the young lady got up. She smiled and said, “Bye Jordan, I’ll see you later.” Jordan? What a sexy name. You know how some names just scream “Sexy?” Jordan is one of those names. Minutes later I felt a tap on my muscle men shoulder. It was Jordan. My mouth was dry and I fumbled to find words. He smiled that angelic smile again. “Hey, I’m Jordan. I saw you looking at me when you came in.” Oh no! I was too obvious! “Anyway, I need to check this book out and then do you want to go talk somewhere?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Yes!” I said almost too excitedly. He smiled again and checked out the book. Were my eyes lying to me or did he just have a book on finding MR. Right? Mr. Right? Oh my gosh, was he gay? I prayed that he was.

We got outside and started to walk. To where, I do not know, but we walked. I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Skyler.” We talked. Jordan was only 15, I was 17. We talked about anything that we could think of. Finally, he said to me, “Look Skyler, I am hornier than I have ever been. Let’s get down to it. I am really attracted to you, you are attracted to me. Why don’t we go somewhere and…?Get to know each other a little better?” Wow! That was awesome!

We went to my house. My parents would be gone for another 5 hours. We had plenty of time. I unlocked the door with shaking hands. I stopped at the stairs and was shocked as Jordan said, “Skyler, I really like you.” I just grinned. He smiled again and leaned in and kissed me gently at first and then moved to a hot gay kiss. I could feel my jeans getting tighter. I grabbed his soft hand and we went to my room.

We wasted no time. In seconds, I was naked men bearing my full 8.5 inch gay dick. His muscular men body was so smooth. Just out of puberty, the hair was still soft. Oh, I wanted him badly.

He slowly caressed my big gay dick. I shuddered with the feeling. We lay on my bed and just held each other, feeling our warm bodies and pre-cum all over us. He was so romantic. He just wanted to hold me and kiss me gently. He kissed my neck and my cock jolted as if shocked by a high voltage battery.

Finally, he bent down and took my entire gay penis into his mouth and sucked. I had NEVER had a blowjob like that before! WOAH! I tried to warn him that I was about to cum, but he just sucked gay hard. I shot a load into his mouth that would have choked anyone else, but Jordan just swallowed and came back to suck me dry. I never felt the same.

I bent over backwards. I had never had gay anal sex before, but his hard gay dick was too tempting. I allowed him to slowly push his cock into my ass as I grimaced with pain at first. After he was in, and my hole got used to his huge 8 incher, it felt amazing. He pounded and pounded me. The best part was the feeling of his warm cum oozing through my hot muscle gay body.

We just continued to pleasure each other until my parents came home. My dad walked in as we were caressing each other. He smiled and said, “Hi.” Shylee, he walked outside of my room. Jordan looked at me confused. “My dad is so proud of me for being myself. He wants me to find that right guy.” Jordan smiled at me and then passionately kissed me.

Long story short, he called his mom and asked if he could stay over. She said that would be fine! He started to stay almost three nights a week. Today, Jordan is my husband. Not by law, but by our own hearts. We have not stopped banging like that since then. We have been together for 5 years. We will never stop!

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