Gay Muscle Hunk Buck

Gay Muscle Hunk Buck

Muscle Gay Hunk Buck Has Hung Huge Gay Muscles

As I showered after football practice one humid day, I was thinking about my girlfriend, Jenny. Jenny was a nice girl. She was the first person I ever had sex with…I lost my virginity to her. Eventually, I got bored with Jenny, and was thinking about other things I could do for pleasure. As I scrubbed my muscular men pecs and hot hunks abs, I was thinking about Buck, the running back for my team. He had come out as bi men last year. I washed my hairy boy’s balls and dick off and wrapped a towel around my waist.

As I opened the door to my shower, there was no one in sight. I was relieved, because my gay cock got gay hard when I was thinking about Buck. He is truly hot muscle hunk. Buck opened the door to his shower, and grabbed his towel. His penis flapped along as he walked towards me and finally put on his towel. He caught me staring, and flipped his hair. “Hey,” Buck said. “Where is everyone?” I asked, crossing my muscle hairy gay legs to hide my boner. “They left early to get pizza,” he replied. “Oh,” I said. Buck looked at me, and said, “Listen, Aidan, I know you want me.” I nodded, and he pulled off his towel. I dropped mine, and slammed him into the lockers.

I stuck my tongue into Buck’s mouth, and we made out for fifteen minutes, our big gay dicks rubbing together on the bench. “Aidan, you are going to love this,” Buck moaned, and turned me over. I was nervous, but I was excited at the same time. Buck spit into my asshole, and starting putting fingers into it. I had no idea what he was doing, because I had never done anything like this before. It hurt at first, and I screamed out in pain. “It’s okay,” he said, and slowly penetrated my innocent anus with his nine inch dick. I yelped with pain but it was replaced with pleasure. Buck took his gay penis in and out of my gay muscle hairy ass, pumping with fast force. It was impossible for our groaning not to be heard outside.

Buck and I had gay anal sex for a while, until I was about to pass out. He pulled out, and asked, “How was that, babe?” I nodded, still in total ecstasy. Buck lay down next to me, and we started kissing again. Then, Freddy, the quarterback, walked in, and saw us naked on the bench tongue-kissing. The next day, everyone in the whole school knew what happened, and I admitted to being gay. Jenny never talked to me again. I honestly don’t care, because now, I am bisexual.


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