Great Bodies

Great Bodies

I want to introduce to you this Hot Huge Bodybuilder who will bring you so much pleasure. Every time I see him, I really want to linger on that washboard abs, ending in what can only be described as a very, very big and hard package to adorn this wonderful gift box. Come touch this handsome example of human perfection. You just know this is going to be fun by looking at him, but once he starts moving and the two of you get to know each other, it’s a whole other level of pleasure. And when he finally let goes, it’s a river of excitement. This Latin Muscle Pup is one to watch. Beautiful of face, with deep brown eyes that looks like a melted chocolate candy. I always remember how I can get to his hard body with smooth skin that lets me feel every rippling muscle. I always imagine running my fingers over that washboard abs, stroking my tongue up those powerful thighs. Also check out those huge shoulders, luxuriate in his washboard abs. When we are apart, I always think about those pillar thighs, wrapped tight around mine as I give him the proper worship that every Muscleman deserves. Young and eager, this man is a perfectly proportioned man. This is what a body looks like when everything works: broad shoulders, huge arms, broadly muscled chest and molded thighs. ¬†When I Look at those eyes and look at that face, I always remember our intimate memories. How he gave me a great pleasure that made me ask for more. This Muscle Man combines the innocence of a very young man, with the savvy of a kid who’s been around, and knows what men like. You can call him a bomb, because he really is The Bomb. This is the real deal: packed, ripped muscle. With a 33-inch waist, 48-inch chest, 17-inch biceps (just wait until he flexes-and then seductively licks-them for you!), and 27-inch quads, this dude can stand up against the biggest of the big boys.

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