He Is a Stud

He Is a Stud

Muscle Gay Hunks Hot Gay Pictures for Our Homosexual Pleasures

Many people just call me Mike! I am 6 foot 1, black gay hair, brown eyes, muscular gay body, about 175 lbs and to be quite honest …many people think I look good. I played football, basketball, and baseball while in college. I seem like the all around stereotypical gay jock and for some reason, this summer has made me hornier than ever. I have done some crazy things this summer and now I want to tell you about one. Okay, I live way out in the country. I live on a farm and there is nothing to do. All my friends went to beach week after graduation but I couldn’t go because I had to work. So while they were gone, I had a few sex porno adventures.

I was really bored on a Friday night. It was about 9:30, and it had just gotten dark. So I went for a ride. I do this a lot. Little did I know that not only was I going to be riding in my car, but I was going to ride something else. I drove over to a little city and it has a few fast food restaurants and a major truck stop. I decided to stop over at the truck stop to see what action I could get. I had on a ball hatted backwards, a white gay tee shirt, some athletic shorts, and some flip-flops.

I got out of my car and I noticed a trucker staring at me. He motioned me over. I walked over to him and he said that he liked my car. Now I was struck off guard, because most truckers are characterized as fat, bald, and ugly. This guy was the exception to the rule. He was one of the handsome men I ever met, has muscular men body and was so hot hunk. He was just a little bit taller than me and he was fine. He started telling me that he hadn’t had any sex since about a year ago. Since I only had my athletic shorts on and no underwear for men, he could see that I was getting gay hard. He said:

“That’s a nice dick you’ve got there”

“Thanks” I said.

“Do you want to come inside with me?”

“Oh yes” I said I as I practically drooled. He took me inside and we got a room. When we got in there he stripped me from head to toe. Then he told me to strip him.

“Ok” I said

“With your teeth” He said erotically. So I started to take of his shirt and then I got to his tight jeans. I took them off with my teeth to find a huge 10 inch gay dick hiding beneath the snug men’s underwear that were on his hot pelvis. I quickly drug them off with my teeth.

He lay down on the bed while I climbed on top of him. I started to suck his big gay dick. I licked the long shaft and licked his hairy gay balls. He told me to stop that, he had something better to do. He rolled over on my back and told me to stay there. He then reached over into his wallet and got out a condom. He slipped it on and said

“Are you ready for this baby?”

“Yes” I said in eager anticipation.

He raised my hot muscle legs up on his shoulders and immediately jammed in his gay penis. It felt so good. I moaned loudly as he pumped his shaft in and out of my tight asshole. He kept saying:

“Fuck it bitch”

Finally after 3 long minutes of pleasure he exploded! I stopped stroking and he noticed that I hadn’t cum yet. He stroked me and then started to lick me. I immediately came in his mouth. When we finally got dressed, he walked me out of the building and said:

“See ya later, Have a nice life”

I chuckled and said ok.

Then I got in my car and started to drive off. As I drove off, I heard him yell,


I kept driving!

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