Hot Gay Hunks at the Beach

Hot Gay Hunks at the Beach

Gay Muscle Hunks Photo Shooting

Naked Bodybuilders on a photo shoot at the beach!

It had been a long hot summer and I had just passed my 12th wedding anniversary when John, a friend for 15 years told me he got a caravan on the coast and he and is present girl friend Diane where spending a week in it, would Dee, my wife and I like to join them on the final weekend for a party. John winked when he asked and hinted that if Diane was up for it partner swapping could well be in order!!!

We joined them on the Friday night and the party started well, due to the heat the girls were wearing very little, bra and panties to be exact, so John and I wore only G string briefs, it was at this point that I first felt a strange desire to get closer to John despite my wife and Diane showing off 36d breasts and very cheeky bums, the evening wore on and the girls got drunk and gave us a topless display and insisted john and I felt both sets of boobs to decide which girl was best when we could end decide off came the panties so we could decide which girl had the closest shave.

John was making wood fast and I was happy with my gay hard on, so when the girls wanted to see who had the best hard gay on my G string was off in a flash, Diane stroked it and made a purring noise and rubbed the bell end between her breasts, Dee fell on john a proceeded to suck his hard knob through the fabric of his G string, I felt a pang of jealousy, Diane stroked me gently till I came on her stomach, Dee sucked john till he came staining his white G string dark grey, I moved to get Diane on her back but she shook her head and said no sex, this.

Diane’s refusal to go for sex swapping made John angry and started a row between them so Diane refused to sleep with john that night, so he and I had to share a sleeping bag in the “spare room” an awning shelter hooked to the outside of the caravan, as we got ready for bed John peeled off his spunky G string, this was the first time I’d ever seen him completely naked men and was stirred by his firm muscular men body and firm “fluffy” butt cheeks, it was with excitement I slipped in beside him and felt his warm muscular gay against mine. We slept gay bareback to back at first, then john rolled “in his sleep” brushing his gay muscle men arm across my shoulders and then cuddled up close, my penis stretched and lifted, I was aroused and it didn’t feel wrong!

I could feel his now hardening gay penis rubbing the small of my back, I made a comment about him being happy to see me, and he chuckled and said he needed a wank but didn’t do himself!!! I was surprised to hear myself say “I don’t mind trying to suck gay cock!” To my shock he said “Go for it”

With that I found my lips round a hard big gay dick, all 7 inches. I let my tongue rub round the helmet, licking smoothly as if he was a spunky ice cream then sucked the tight helmet like a lolly pop, it didn’t take long and I was warned a cum was rising as John started thrusting at my mouth. With this I held him against my lips and wanked him fast, the cum spurted across my lips hot at first, then it cooled to be a salty gel dripping down his softening cock and pooling on his gay black men pubic hair, his breathing calmed and he rubbed himself against me! We didn’t know it but we where now hooked!!!



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