Hot Hunk Chad Harley

Hot Hunk Chad Harley

Hot Muscle Hunk Chad Charley Shows off his Muscular Gay Body

It was late at night, and I was very horny. AOL I thought, after not having hardcore gay sex for more than a year I wanted a hot hunk to fuck with.

The time was 11:45pm when I started looking at the different adult chat rooms and eventually I was able to join the M4MNYCNOW. The questions that everyone was asking were: top? Bttm? Vers? Stats? Wsssup? Or their main greeting was: was sup horny here.

Well horny here too I reply, I checked all the profiles and then finally I came across a profile that said, Bi men 22 year old with girlfriend.

My IM to him was: hey how are you tonight? And his reply was: horny my big gay dick is gay hard and oozing. Well the thought of that got me all hard gay. My next questions were: got gay pictures? Want to swap? How big? The photos revealed a hot young 22-year-old Asian guy with the most beautiful face and hot gay body and wonderful gay penis. I thought I will come in my men’s underwear just looking at his photos. Conversation was soon over when I realized that it was 3 am…yeah some people work for a living you know. Buddy listed him and said nite nite. The following night again around midnight I logged in and I could see clearly that my new aol buddy was on. Said hi and he said hello. Started talking and eventually he said that he was horny as hell. My reply, come over. After a lot of debating and back and forth he agreed to visit but had no money so I agreed to pay for his cab fare.

Oh My God, when the taxi arrived I was horny as hell. My roommate was asleep, so I took him in to my room and locked the door. The guy was beautiful and sweet looking, wanted not only to fuck with him but also to marry him. I closed to door to my room and asking to strip and he did. As he took his cloths of I could see his smooth skin, muscular men body and a hard on that was sticking upwards from inside his underwear for men. What a nice thick juicy dig that was. I approached him while taking my clothes off and started to kiss him. Gently we moved to the bed and I sucked his hard on, I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth while touching his balls. Yeah baby he said suck me hard, I want to come in your mouth. His eyes were closed and the only thing I can see was this beautiful younger man naked in my bed with a major hard on that needed help. I climbed on the top and started playing with his dick by letting the tip of it touch my asshole. He moaned and eventually with a quick movement he stuck his hard on in my ass. Wow it was hurting but it felt good to get fucked by this gorgeous guy with a very thick and big dick. I let fuck my ass and then eventually he asked for a condom, I wanted him to fuck me bare, I wanted his cum to spill inside me and give severs and ecstasy, I obeyed I wanted him to cum in my ass.

Slowly he started fucking me hard, I could feel his dick going inside deep and the pleasure was incredible. I didn’t care if I cum or not I just wanted him to fuck me and feel his peace spurt cum inside my asshole. He laid me on my back while kissing him I guided his hard on inside me and asked to fuck me. Every stroke gave me pleasure and my dick now was throbbing and oozing too looking at him in top of me. It was his first time fucking a man’s ass and he loved it, every movement of it. He started pumping harder and I could feel his getting bigger and hard while his hairy gay balls were smacking my ass. I wanted him to explode inside me. I wanted, wished that he could fuck me bare so I could feel the power of his exploding cum inside me. He moaned hard and he said he was getting closer, every stroke of his dick in my ass made my dick harder and was very close to explode while I could see he was getting ready to cum.

Fuck me I told him and her obeyed. Fuck me harder, put it in and out and fill me up with your juice. As he started to come, I started to stroke my dick, I knew then that we will cum to together and we did. Afterwards we kissed good night and I told him that anytime he wanted to fuck to come over. Can’t wait the next time he gets here so I can suck him and taste his cum in my mouth.



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