Hot Hunk Kurt

Hot Hunk Kurt

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His name was Kurt. He was 5’10, 170lbs, short brown hair, and handsome men looking. I can remember since the first time I saw him, I wanted him. He was in the “in-crowd” and I (I was 5’9, 155lbs and brown hair) was not, but thanks to alphabetical order, I would get my chance to have him.

It was in college when fate brought us together, we had projects due in 2 weeks on World War 2, and our teacher didn’t trust us to pick partners by ourselves, so he did what he always did, alphabetical order. I never minded working with Kurt, he wasn’t the brightest, but he was the hottest hunk, after we got started he told me to stop by his house tonight and that we would work on our project, and I said sure, not trying to sound to elated, (which I was) and at 4:00 sharp I was there at his door step, willing to do anything for him.

When he answered the door he was in a white towel, and he said to me, “I hope you don’t care if I take a minute, my clothes are in the dryer.” I said no, and sat in his living room waiting for a hot hunk like him to come and work with me. When he came back he smelled so good, I mean I had a hard time concentrating because just the thought of him next to me in a towel just set me on fire. I tried sitting across from him to get a good look at what was under the towel and when he caught on he asked me, “Do you like what you see?” I replied, “What are you talking about” but I know he could see through my lies, and he got up and dropped the towel and stood there naked men in front of me.

He was 9 inches long and very thick, he had a nice and neat patch of hair over his large shaft, and his hairy gay balls hung so perfectly. He had a body builder’s body, because he’s an all around gay jock, and looking at his hot muscle gay body made my 8 inch cock hard gay. He moved over to me and spread his hairy boy’s leg on top of me and began to kiss me, I began to caress his perfect muscular gay body when his hands began to undo the button on my Levi’s. I had no intention of stopping the man I loved from violating me, I wanted it so badly. I was a virgin, and I wanted Kurt to fuck me with his big gay dick, and fill me with his cum.

His gay dick began to stiffen and without hesitation I put him in my mouth. While I was sucking on him, he was moaning and telling me that he loved me, which made me feel special, his affection made me want to please him every way possible, including letting him take my virginity away from me.

He pulled away from me and told me that we should go to his room, so that incase his parents came home we would be safe. (His parents were out of town on business and wouldn’t be home for a week) I removed my pants and as Kurt guided me up to his room I knew I was the luckiest guy in Michigan. When we got to his room he sat me down on his bed, kissed me, and slowly began to finger my ass. It was kind of uncomfortable at first, but pleasing Kurt was my priority. With his constant reassurance he lubed up his massive member and put the tip of his gay penis by my virgin hole. He lightly kissed the back of my neck and slowly slid his gay hard penis into me. I let out a small grunt, but Kurt’s touch made it all better. After a few minutes of slow glides, Kurt picked up the pace and began to pound my ass. The sensations going through my muscular men body were amazing. I began to moan, and I wanted it to last forever. Kurt pounded away at me for what seemed like an hour and let out an earth shattering scream, He had filled me with his cum.

He pulled out of me, and I grabbed his cock greedily and began to suck it dry. I wanted all of his cum for myself. He was mine.

We laid there for about an hour, kissing and talking, until I realized I needed to be home soon.

I picked up my clothing off of the floor and looked back at the man I loved, and without warning he lunged up and kissed me. “I love you” he said, I replied, “I love you too.”

“See you tomorrow babe” He said.

“Same time tomorrow right?” I replied with a shit eating grin on my face.


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