Hot Muscle Men Victor Wolf

Hot Muscle Men Victor Wolf

Hot Muscle Hunk Victor Wolf Showing off his Hot Gay Butt

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I was in college when the hot hunk I had had a crush on since Jr. High showed up at the door of my house. Neither of us had told each other that we were gay, but we both knew each other were.

His name was Victor, and he was tall, muscular gay built body and handsome men looking. He arrived at my doorstep with his reddish black hair spiked up, and he was wearing a pair of jeans and his soccer jersey. He was always hot when I saw him, and I was always turned on by him, but this time, it was an instant erection, bigger than any I have had.

“Hi” I said


“What are you doing here?”

“Well…uh, you want to have sex”

“Sure, come in”

I led him up to my room, and almost instantly, we started to make out. While neither of us had ever kissed a guy before, we both thought that we were kissing way hard, and we both loved it.

We made out for 5 minutes, and then he started to take my pants off. After he finished mine, I started to take off his. There was a wet spot were the pre-cum had soaked through his men’s underwear to his jeans. I saw his big gay dick for the first time, and it was a perfect as I could have hoped for.

It was at least 7 inches long, 1.5 inches thick, and was perfect. I was going to lean down to suck it, but he leaned down and put his lips around mine.

He sucked so hard gay, his tongue going around the shaft, electric spasms jerking my muscle gay body around. A rush of energy and pure sexual pleasure, and I felt my semen jetting out faster than ever before.

I moaned loudly as he kept sucking, and then he stopped, looked up, and smiled at me, his smile as sexy as ever.

I leaned down and put my lips around his dick, and worked my tongue as gay hard as he had worked his on me. His cock tasted great, and the feeling of his cum dribbling down my throat felt great.

I felt him having an orgasm, and then I heard him moan loudly. I stopped sucking, and realized that I had sucked for over 5 minutes. I looked up at his face, and he looked great, his huge orgasmic smile, and the sweat gleaming on his forehead.

“Lay face down on the bed” I commanded. He obeyed quite willingly.

When he lay on the bed, I inserted my cock in his anus, got on top of him, and humped, my gay muscle body moving swiftly on top of his.

A tingly sensation on my penis overwhelmed me, and it felt really good. After a few minutes of that, I asked him to do it to me. Giving it to him felt great, but getting it from him felt even better.

His soccer jersey was soaked in semen and sweat, as he had forgotten to take it off before we fucked. I peeled it off, showing his rock hard, and wonderful muscle men abs.

We started to make out again, this time our bodies moving and thrusting against one another. We both moaned. He broke the kiss, and I leaned down and began to kiss his hard, hairy gay abs.

I sucked his nipple, which was abnormally large for guys. He giggled.

“That tickles”

We made out for another hour, and then we both finally collapsed, exhausted. We lay down on the bed, facing each other, our hands on each other’s still erect cocks. We smiled at each other, his smile again, as sexy as ever.

“That was great” I said tiredly

“No kidding”

“I’ll email you next time I have the house to myself, and we’ll do it again. But now, let’s get cleaned up”

I led him to the shower, and turned the water on. We got in. I scrubbed him all over, especially his crotch. He did the same for me.

We got dressed, and kissed one last time.

“That jersey is going to take some explaining”

“I’ll say I practiced with some friends.”

“I love you. This isn’t a onetime thing”

“You’re right. I love you too” he said as he jumped down the stairs.

That was in college, when we were both teenagers. College life is great!



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