Huge Gay Bodybuilder Kurt

Huge Gay Bodybuilder Kurt

Huge Gay Bodybuilder Kurt Showing off his Incredible Gay Muscles

Kurt never regretted his life…he looked back on his youth with fondness but never once wished to go back. Sure, those were the glory days, the days of the bathhouses, multiple tricks, and gay hard on that lasted all night. But life was still good for Kurt. He’d been successful in business, at age 32 and living on the beaches of Monterrey. He was over his tramping self and enjoying the fruits of his youth. Every afternoon, a group of 6 or 7 surfers would stop by for an hour or two of good waves. Most people along the beach chased the young muscle hunks off, but Kurt really didn’t mind them using his beach. After all, he thought, we’re all young once and far be it for him to ruin their fun. They were harmless, they didn’t dirty up his beach, and, well, let’s face it, and they had muscular men bodies! Kurt only occasionally went outside when the young men were out there, but mainly it was to enjoy the sun or to pick up trash floating in from the ocean. On other days, he’d bring a sand chair out and sit in the shallow surf to watch the adept surfers do their thing. Sure, Kurt fantasized about the guys, but that was always as far as it went. He’d never entertained the thought of approaching the presumably straight boys, and really, even if they were bi men, they were just too young for Kurt. They were in their late teens or early twenties, and Kurt could have been any one of their fathers. Nonetheless, Kurt would sit in the surf, close his eyes and remember his own youth. The days when grownups looked at his muscular gay body and fantasized having a piece of his hairy gay ass. Kurt wore loose gym shorts…he liked the way the surf made his big gay dick dance in the current. From one side, to the other and back again. It usually took about 15 minutes for him to get hard gay unless the water was painfully chilly. Today, the temperature was just right, so Kurt sat back, watched the sun glisten off the young hunk men’s bodies and smiled to himself. Eventually, Kurt fell asleep in the warmth of the sun, gay penis still dangling out of his shorts. Kurt started to dream, he dreamt that someone was sucking his gay cock. Young gay muscle men whose face Kurt could not see were bobbing his head over Kurt’s bulging dick. Kurt shifted in his chair, slumping down a little, letting his muscle hairy legs flop to the sides. As all dreams go, this young man sucked dick like no man before him, Kurt could even feel his temperature rise. Now half-asleep in somewhat of an orgasmic haze, Kurt’s hips gently moved with the motion of the young man’s blowjob action. Kurt’s load started to surge and in his dream he started to blow jizz into the young man’s mouth. The man removed his mouth and jerked Kurt’s spurting dick better than Kurt ever did for himself! Every ounce of energy Kurt had shot out of Kurt’s pulsating cock and his head rolled gently to the side. Smiling, Kurt lazily opened his eyes and was surprised to find his load floating in front of him. Sitting up now, Kurt watched as a young man, surfboard under one arm slowly trotted away. No way, Kurt thought. I’m just still asleep. Then the youth turned slightly and hollered over his shoulder, “Thanks for letting us use the beach!”


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