I am Wet!

I am Wet!

Sexy Gay Hunks Are All Wet in Their Gay Pics

It was my freshman year of college and I was a little on edge. I was a little on edge being that I had just moved to a new city about two hours from my home town. I had never really been a party kid at home due to the fact that I was a little bit on the chubby side. Bit after spending all summer in the gym, I was ready to get into the action, and my hot hunk friend Stanley was ready to help.

The first time we went out, we went to a small bar on the strip on a free margarita Thursday. It was great. We danced together until the bar was closed and went back to his place for some extracurricular activity. It wasn’t my first time, but it was the first time with this new muscular gay body and I wanted to make sure he knew I was good and ready. And from his moans, it seemed like I was doing pretty damn good. As I rammed my 9 inch cock in and out of his hot gay ass and his moans grew louder and louder. This grinding went on for about 20 minutes until he began screaming.

“Oh FUCK!!! YES!!! YES!!!

With that we both reached orgasm and I could feel my manhood pipe into his hot, wet ass. Two seconds later we were flat on our asses making out.

The next time we decided to have a night out we went to a gay club. Stanley’s never ending begging finally persuaded me to go. We got there and right away I latched onto Stanley in some hope that these men would know I was unavailable.

We went to the bar for a free shot of tequila and a hunk that looked incredibly familiar walked up to me. As the light from the bar began to stretch across his handsome men face, I saw that it was a cousin of mine that I had not seen in many years. He looked good. Last time I saw him he was a tall gangly thing with huge glasses.

“What’s up man?” he said as he climbed onto the stool next to me.

“Not much Chad, here with my man, Stanley,” I quickly replied.

“Here for the free drinks, huh?” he asked.

“Yeah…We’re both broke,” I said

“Well hope ya’ll have a good time. Later man,” he said as he got up and took his gay tee shirt off and went dance with a muscle hunk he seemed to recognize.

As I watched the two of them I realized that it was his dad. The two of them both had tight bodies with well defined pecs and hot muscle abs. He had taken after his father when it came to height as he was about an inch taller than the old man who wasn’t really old looking. He looked just as fit as his son and watching the two of them was like watching a car accident. I wanted to but couldn’t look away.

A second later I felt my gay dick begin to get hard gay. I was horrified because they were a relative of mine. I quickly ran to the restroom to see if I could make my erection go down. On the way I felt someone’s hand grab me and I was pulled into a private room by my cousin and my uncle for some men on men on men action.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Don’t worry” said my uncle. “It won’t hurt.” he said as I began to get scared.

The next thing I knew they were ripping my shirt off and pulling down my jeans and men’s underwear. A minute later I was naked on a round mattress.

My uncle hovered over my big gay dick for a few seconds before sucking lightly on my head. He went further down my shaft and to my surprise I started getting another gay hard on. Now he was sucking my dick intensely. A few minutes later I was shooting a massive load in his mouth. He gagged and moved to kiss me and let the cum run into my mouth. I was eating the liquid that would make my kids and I couldn’t have been hornier. After licking up all my cum, they flipped me over and Chad stuck his dick between my cheeks. At first he just pumped up and down. Then he stuck his head in my hole. While he pulled out my uncle stuck his dick in my mouth. Then at the same time they started to fuck me. Both guys had uncut eight inch pieces. When Chad began to slow down, I moved my ass faster I wanted his dick so bad, and I stroked my uncle’s dick with the same intense passion.

After a few minutes, my uncle came and I swallowed his entire load. The salty man juice made my gay penis even harder. Then Chad came in my ass. My uncle ran around and drank the cum that flowed out my hole as I stood up. My cock still needing relief I began to stroke it and instantly I shot my load on Chad’s face and kissed him as I licked my juices off his face. We were spent and flat on the bed smiling.

“That was amazing,” I said.

“And it’s not over,” Chad told me.

While I wondered what else we would be doing, my uncle went to a bag on the floor. He pulled out a sixteen inch black dildo and a bottle of KY.

“Oh shit!” I yelled in my mind.

And a second after the dildo was lubed, it was in my asshole. The pain was intense. I wanted it out of me so badly I let out a scream so loud I thought the people in China could hear me. Chad took it out and then rammed it right back in. After a few more pumps my dick was rock hard and I wanted more. I was taking in only 9 inches of the rubbery goodness. I grabbed the dildo and shoved the entire thing into my muscle gay ass. I was in a state of complete euphoria. Never had I been do fucking hot hardcore gay sex.

Then Chad ripped the dildo out of me and shoved his hand as far in as the dildo and that state of utter bliss took me over again. This went on for an hour with my uncle joining in and making my hole the size of a miniature basketball.

Never had I felt the way I did that night. As the three of us shared one last passionate kiss, I couldn’t wait until the next time. I’d be ready and waiting to drink down their juices and cover their hands with my ass.

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