I Love the Summer

I Love the Summer

Summer is Hot and So This Gay Pics of Shirtless Hunks

As I look back on all of my encounters as a grown gay boy, I think mostly about my first one. As a gay teenager, you are not accepted by anyone in the world. Gay adults had little respect given to them as it was. I was terrified if my friends would find out and yet intrigued by the secrets that I got to conceal as an adolescent. I was attractive, though, I am happy to say. I was a talented football player and got muscular gay built because of it. I had fully developed pecs and a hot muscle abs. My arms were quite a ways around, though I was a bit disappointed that the only black gay hair on my body was my pubes and the crew cut I had my hair in. My eyes were a striking green and I was told I had a beautiful smile.

Well when I was eighteen, my aunt asked me if I wanted to take a trip on summer to a farm in West Virginia. I cared for my aunt dearly and barely ever got to see her so I accepted. She said we would be staying up on a big-old farm near Morgantown. She claimed that the people were not rednecks at all and the family we were staying with was extremely kind. I was excited and I started packing for the upcoming week in the height of the summer. As a side note, my aunt reminded me to bring a bathing suit and they had a private pond on their property.

The ride up was long, but my aunt and I entertained us with listening to music and playing the license plate game…find all the letters in the alphabet and win! We arrived up at the farm after traversing a half-mile-long driveway. We got out and four people immediately came and greeted us. There was George and Nancy the parents, and the two sons: Ryder and Casey. Both had sparkling blue eyes and both had crew-cut hair like mine. They looked a lot alike except Ryder’s face was a tad longer while Casey’s was more boyish. I shook both of their hands and they both had a strong grip, we then went inside.

I was mesmerized at how muscle hunks the boys were and decided that this week was going to be torture. We talked for a while and it turned out that both boys were older than me. Casey was seventeen and Ryder was nineteen. We then started talking about our hobbies. It turns out that Casey played for the varsity football team at his school, while Ryder played for University of WV. Next week, it turned out…Ryder had to go start lifting for the next season of football. I was eager to see how built both were and wanted to see if they noticed me. I severely doubted either was gay, but at my age I thought every hot hunk in the world was gay.

My aunt turned to me and said that she, George, and Nancy were going to go to town to get groceries and then do a little shopping, and asked if I would be okay here for a couple of hours. I said that I would hang out with Casey and Ryder and both nodded with a welcoming smile on their handsome men faces. The three left and the two boys and I were left talking. After a while, Ryder asked if I would like to go swimming. I said yeah, and we all got up and changed into our swim trunks.

Once we were all dressed and had towels, Casey led the way down a small path in the woods to a large pond I was so ready to jump in after the eight hour car ride that I started running towards it. Only before I jump in did Ryder remind me that I still had my gay tee shirt on. I smiled and embarrassed and took it off as the other two were. Wait, did I just catch Ryder checking me out as I was taking my shirt off? Nah, just a trick of the light. When they took their shirts off, I almost fainted with happiness and had to work hard to keep a boner down. They were both built even better than I was. They both had eight packs. They were much built and they too seemed to be hairless like me. I was ecstatic, but had to hide it so they didn’t become suspicious. We all jumped in and started roughhousing which I was fine with. I got a chance to touch all over their bodies and even brush their cocks every now and then. I thought life couldn’t get better…when it did.

Casey got out and said, “Man, I hate these shorts.” Ryder agreed about his own and I was flabbergasted as they began to unbutton them. Casey must have seen my surprised face because he said, “This is our pond no one will see us skinny dipping. C’mon you can do it, too.” I did and I spied over at them as they did. I was even more elated when I saw that they both had to have at least eight-inch flaccid gay dicks. They probably looked smaller because of the cold water. I took my pants and men’s underwear off, I was proud to show off my package. I had measured it before I had arrived, and orgasmic hard gay, I was eleven inches. Both looked down at mine and I looked at theirs, we all laughed, and started roughhousing again. Three times I had a big gay dick shoved in my face. I had to resist an urge to suck on it.

Afterwards we swam a little and lay out in the warm sun to dry our heaving bodies. We made small talk, but soon fell silent. I chanced a look and saw that, warm and dry, bother were nine inches flaccid. I couldn’t control it and I watched my own gay penis rise to full eleven-inch mast. Casey looked down and asked if I was okay. I flushed red and said I was fine. Ryder then asked if I was sure and I said positive. Casey said, let me help you, and before I knew what was happening this chiseled god of a man started sucking on my penis. I was even more surprised as I watched his and his brother’s cock reach to at least a foot long. I was in heaven.

Ryder started rubbing my hairy chest and made me feel very good. He then climbed up on me and stuck his footer in my face. I didn’t know what to do so I put it in my mouth. He was very kind and could tell I had never done this before so he slowly pushed it into my mouth. I felt like gagging a few times, but I kept it back and soon his entire meat was inside me. He fucked my mouth over and over again. In, out, in, out, in, out. It was an amazing feeling. He soon withdrew, though, saying he didn’t want to cum yet. He then asked me something that I have always wanted to be asked: Do you want me to fuck you? I was so excited that I screamed yes he said okay.

Casey soon moved into a 69 position and we were both blowing at the same time. Ryder started eating my ass, preparing it for the huge meat incoming. He put the tip of his prick at my ass and I moaned, he then started pushing it in me with the same tender care he used fucking my face. It hurt a lot, but once he was inside of me I didn’t want him to leave. He soon started fucking my ass excruciatingly hard. We both were perspiring, I could feel Ryder’s on my bare back.

Casey then stood up and Ryder and I both stood up as one, while he was still in me. Casey then gave me a devilish look, turned around, and backed up into me. It took some time, but I was inside of him and all three of us were fucking as one. I warned them, that I was about to cum, but Ryder came first; all in my ass. It felt amazing and I felt the man jizz trickling down my ass cheeks. That set me off and I shot the biggest load I have ever shot into Casey’s ass until I had delivered five huge loads into his beautiful hole. Casey had been maturating as I had been fucking him and he then came all over his chest.

We all fell down panting and eating each other’s cum when I realized that this week was going to be a lot more fun than I had planned on.

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