I Love those Abs

I Love those Abs

Handsome Men Showing Off Their Muscular Gay Body in Their Hot Gay Pictures

Shit, shit, shit. That is all I could say as I looked at the Spanish test in front of me. I hadn’t studied or cared about school last night. I was too busy fantasizing about the hottest hunk in our school.

Cornell Jordan was the jock of all gay jocks and when I say he was sexy gay hunk, I meant it! I could fuck him every goddamn day. Cornell was a bi sexual and I was a black gay guy. Usually, I had no taste for white guys, but he was different.

Cornell was 5’10 and was muscular men from head to toe. When we would be in gym, I’d be sure to get there early enough to watch him change before gym. I’d act like I had no specific interest in him, but the whole time, I did nothing but stare at his gorgeous hot muscle butt and at his big gay dick.

When I least expected it, the fates planned a wonderful day for me. I’m a really sensitive guy and if I’m involved with anyone, I want emotional bonds between us.

In gym the day after he broke up with Mike, I was staring at Cornell harder than ever before. Then, I got the guts to ask him how he was feeling. “Like fucking shit” is all he could say.

“Why do you feel like shit,” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Because the bitch didn’t like and just went out with me to entertain me.”

“Well, that’s autumn for you.” I responded almost as any straight college men would, and I must say he was convinced that I could care less. I finally got ready to go, but as I was walking out of the locker room, a firm hand grabbed me on my muscle men arm and spoke with authority, “Where the hell you think you going?”

“To my class and it is time already” I lied, knowing what he wanted.

“Bitch, you’re lying. I know you want to fuck me, and you didn’t even say anything because you are a fucking gay boy coward.”

“That’s not true. I’m not a fucking gay boy coward…I’m a smart coward who knows his boundaries.”

“Well, Mason, you haven’t reached them with me.”

I didn’t know what the fuck to expect, but the next thing I know…I feel his wet lips against mine. I tried hard to fight back, but it was to avail. Cornell forced his tongue into my mouth and I collapsed onto his frame as he embraced me. His tongue felt so warm and his mouth was so hot. I could barley stay standing.

Cornell reached around me and grabbed my muscle gay ass so tight…I thought he’d turn it into sausage. He began to kiss me all over and I could do nothing but let him. He quickly removed my gay tee shirt allowing him full access to my hairy chest and stomach. He then removed his men’s thongs. Being half dressed in front of Cornell was more than I could bear, but I did it anyway.

He separated from me only long enough for the both of us to be naked men and take in the glory of each other’s gay hard cocks.

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