Incredible Pics Of Jason Pace and Marshall Zinn

Incredible Pics Of Jason Pace and Marshall Zinn

Male Bodybuilders Loves to Show off Their Hot Gay Muscles

I want to tell you about my first time but let me start with a little background. I grew up in a small town where everyone new everyone. I knew I was different from about the time I was fourteen. I dated a lot of playgirls but I was always thinking about handsome men. I had wanted to suck a hunks cock and often fantasized about what it would be like. I could not act out on this desire for fear of having the whole community find out and the embarrassment I would have caused my family.

I was eighteen when I found my first glory hole. I was at a gay porno theater about 5 miles from my home town. I was with several other gay boy football players. We were watching the movie and I needed the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I started reading the walls, some of it was pretty hot. As I was reading I noticed a hole in the wall. I took a look through the hole and saw that the each wall had a hole into the next stall. I did not know at the time what the real purpose for the hole was for. I thought it was to let you look at the other guy’s cocks as they pissed. No one came in and I finished and went back to see the gay movie.

When I got home that night I kept thinking about the holes in the stall walls. I wanted to know why they were there. I knew the holes had a purpose and I meant to find out what it was. I also badly wanted to get a good look at another gay’s cock. I decided to go back to the gay porn movie the next night without my friends. I hoped that I would not run into anyone I knew, being at a gay movies with a group of friends is one thing being alone would be perverted.

I got to the theater early and went in. I went right to the bathroom and went into the middle stall and began reading the walls. I did not have to wait long before someone came in. He went into the stall on my right and started to piss. I watched through the hole. When he finished he shook it off and started to stroke it. His gay dick was about eight inches and thicker than my own. I could not believe I was watching a man jack off right in front of me. He turned and faced the hole still slowly stroking him. I thought he was trying to cum through the hole. I moved my mouth closer to the hole to try to catch some of his cum on my tongue.

As I was looking at the hole I saw the large purple head of his gay penis move through the hole. His penis seemed to draw me to it. I smelled it and it smelled musky and hot. I was nervous as I move closer and gave the shiny tip of it a kiss and quick lick (my first taste of pre cum). This cock tasted so good, I quickly wrapped my lips around it and began sucking like the girls in the sex porno films. I took as much of him into my eager mouth as I could get. My mouth was stretched but I did not want to stop. I was really enjoying this. I would take him as deep as I could for a half dozen sucking bobs of my head, then I would lick the pre cum off his head and lick around his thick spongy head then back down.

His shaft was hard gay and it was covered with thick veins. I was hoping this would continue for a long time. I had waited so long to suck a cock and now that I was I want to keep sucking. My jaws were beginning to ache as I had never given a blow job before. I would not stop.

I felt his massive head swell in my mouth. I did not know that this meant he was about to cum. I drove my head down on his huge cock as he thrust his tool into my tired mouth. I felt the first blat of thick cum splash against the back of my throat. I did not know what else to do, so I tried to swallow it. He kept blasting jet after jet of hot cum down my throat. He filled my mouth with so much hot cum that I could not swallow fast enough. I could feel his cum running out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I didn’t care. I was getting my first taste of cum. His cum tasted salty and a little bitter, but I was hooked I wanted more. When he had shot the last of his cum into my mouth and on my face he let me lick the remaining cum from his softening cock before zipping up and left.

I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends how easy it is to get or give a blow job. As I was wiping cum off my face and licking it off my fingers, the door opened again and another man came in. He went into the same stall on my right. He took out his cock and began rubbing it. He was about seven inches long, not very thick and a slight curve to the left. The head of his cock was red and shaped like an oval mushroom.

I knew what he wanted. I wanted the same thing so I moved my mouth over closer to the hole and stuck my tongue through. He immediately moved to the hole and pushed just the head through. I started to lick his head and put my lips around his thin cock. I wanted him to give me all of this delicious cock but he would only let me have the head and about an inch. I began eating his cock like I would eat an ice cream cone. I licked around the head then over his piss slit. It was not long before I could taste his sweet pre cum. He seemed to enjoy my technique very much and he began to moan. The more he moaned the more I licked and sucked on his smooth head.

I felt his head begin to swell in my lips. This time I knew what was about to happen and I pressed my lips tight around his mushroom head. He started to cum and I licked back and forth over his piss slit. He must have cum about a quart. He just kept shooting more and more cum into my mouth. This cum was saltier than the first guy’s and thicker but not as bitter. I was surprised that I was able to swallow all of it. I wanted to lick the last bit of cum off his cock but he just pulled his cock back and zipped up. As he was leaving he said “you queers give the best blow job, thanks faggot”.

I sat back on the toilet and for the first time thought about what I had just done. I had willingly sucked two guy’s cocks and swallowed two loads of cum. I had really enjoyed it and yes I guessed that that made me a queer faggot as the man said. I know that I would not be able to share this with my friends after all, without embarrassing my family. Oh well that was their loss not mine. I knew that I would suck another cock, many more, and soon I hoped.

I decided I might as well go see the movie since I had paid for it. It was like I was in a haze at the realization that I was gay and wanted to suck as much cock as I could get. I also thought that I would try the bathroom again after the movie.

I went in and saw men were spread throughout the theater. I found a seat about four rows from the back away from almost everyone. I sat down and started to watch the movie. The girls on screen were sucking and fucking one gay hard cock after another. I thought about how much I would love to be them. I knew that I would be the biggest whore if I were a female. I also knew I would love to try men on men or men on men on men at one time.

I heard a sound from about four seats away from me. I looked over and I saw a guy jacking off right in the theater. I looked around to see who else was looking. I quickly realized two rows behind us one guy was giving another guy a blow job. I looked around again and saw hot muscle gays having gay sex with other guys all over the theater…except near a group of young high school football players. I could not believe it. I had been to movies in this theater about six or seven times and had no idea men would have sex like this in public.

The older guy (about 30) in my row moved closer to me. I could not take my eyes off his cock. It was dark but I could see he was about the same size as me six inches, and thinner than mine. He asked me if I wanted some. I could not talk. It was like I was in a trance. I just leaned over and swallowed his whole cock in one motion. I was not wasting any time. I like the way his cock felt in my mouth. I also liked the feel of his pubic hairs brushing against my nose. I could smell his musk. His scent got me so turned on I wanted to empty his hairy gay balls. I wanted to make this cock cum fast. My head was bobbing up and down on his cock. I licked his head and piss slit every time my head bobbed up. I don’t know if I was just horny or if it was because we were in public, all I knew is I wanted his cum fast.

His hips began to pump and thrust his cock to the back of my throat. It didn’t take long for him to shoot a load of hot juicy cum in my eager mouth. I kept licking his head as he gave me his seed. This cum was the least salty and sweetest. I kept the last bit in my mouth as he pulled his cock from my lips. I savored the last of his cum as he got up and left without saying another word. I moved over to where he had been sitting originally to get further from the other men in the theater.

This hot hunk about my age came over and sat down about two seats from me. He told me the blow job I just gave was hot but I should never do that in the theater. He said that the police sometimes come through the theater and if they see any sexual contact they will arrest you. I do not know why that thought had never crossed my mind but I knew I did not want that.

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