Love These Colors

Love These Colors

This guy is a hot bodybuilder, and he knows what he’s doing when it comes to entertaining his gay muscle fans on Livemuscleshow. He is quick to remove his clothes on the webcam and show off his perfectly formed body. That’s what I experienced with him. His size allows his muscles to stand out beautifully on that glorious body, and when you compare his biceps with his quadriceps I can tell that he is a man who knows how to keep things perfectly in proportion. I think he is at his most entertaining when he’s wearing nothing but his underwear. There is one thing for certain, when you login to Livemuscleshow and see him flexing his muscles, you certainly won’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment in time. With a perfect physique that looks as if it had been carved from the finest Swiss chocolate, He is truly mouthwatering. Massive but defined and long limbed, his perfectly shaped physique and intensely beautiful musculature has won him several professional bodybuilding titles. He is handsome as heaven. So go ahead and admire him, 5-feet, 11 inches and 215 pounds of him. I always remember how I placed my arms around that 33-inch waist touching that 46-inch chest, licking those 18.5-inch biceps and getting on your knees to grasp the 27-inch thighs. Because that’s what he wants me to do. There’s no fat on this huge muscleman, but he’s perfectly proportioned.  I always tell him that I want to see his ass. He’ll turn around, and then I will already feel the magic. So this is what perfection looks like! He has a classically shaped physique. His body looks like it’s chiseled in stone. When he flexes, he gets rock hard.  I will surely never forget that night when he placed his cock touching my butt until he entered me and pushed his cock harder back and forth. Ohm my, that’s what I said. I can’t forget that until now and every night reminds me of that special night.

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  1. Mike

    You are so awesome man-want yah bad Mike

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