Muscle Hunk Daniel Morocco Having Fun

Muscle Hunk Daniel Morocco Having Fun

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I knew I was bisexual long before I ever had sex and I had a strong desire to find another man to be my first sexual encounter. I frequently hinted to some of my friends that I would like to try giving them a blow job but it seemed to go right past them and, of course, with the peer pressure of youth, I was hesitant to come right out and say it. Obviously, there had been some minor experimentation between some of us gay boys but nothing that could really be considered acts of gay sex. We had occasional jack off sessions and, on at least one occasion, one friend’s visiting cousin attempted to introduce us to gay anal sex. That was an idea that I really liked and tried to follow through with that with anyone who was willing to listen.

Unfortunately, there was only one sexy gay hunk who allowed me to try (it was the friend with the cousin) and as soon as I started to really get inside him he closed up. I had such hot gay thoughts of easing my gay dick fully into his asshole and then reaching around to play with his hard gay little dick. He tried fucking my hot muscle gay ass but wasn’t really into it and left me disappointed.

My dream of gay encounter was finally realized when I was about 24 years old. My parents had recently separated and I was living with my mother near Covington, Kentucky. One morning, I was walking down one of the main streets in Covington on the way to buy my so-called “girlfriend” who still lived in South Carolina a birthday card, when a car pulled up beside and the guy driving asked if I wanted a ride. I said yes and got in. He told me that his name was Bud and he offered me some Bali-Hai wine which was popular back then.

I had a few sips and felt pretty good from it. It had a nice warming effect and I was very relaxed. Bud asked where I was going and when I told him he asked me more about my “girlfriend.” He asked if I’d ever fucked her and I told him no. He asked about my cock and how big it was. He told me that he knew where we could get a “French job” if I wanted. I said I did and he made the pretense out of driving by some woman’s house and saying she wasn’t home.

In the meantime, Bud kept asking about my big gay dick and by this time it was really getting hard gay. He put his hand on my hairy gay legs and was rubbing my thigh while he talked. When he moved his hand onto my crotch, my gay penis was throbbing and I knew this was going to be my first time having sex and it was going to be hardcore gay sex. Bud unzipped my pants and eased his hand inside my zipper. He began massaging my gay hard penis through my shorts. He was still talking and said, “We’re going to take care of Rocky.” I said I wanted to take care of him too. Finally he released my throbbing dick from my shorts and I undid the button on my jeans. My dick stood straight up and his hand squeezing it and jacking it ever so slightly made my head swim.

By this time, we had parked on an off road in Lovers Park. I reached over and tried to get Bud’s dick out of his pants. He had to help me and we sat there slowly jacking each other off for a while. Bud didn’t really get very hard but I loved having another man’s dick in my hand so much that I was ecstatic. At long last, he bent over and began licking my cock and slipped his wet lips around it. I moaned with the pleasure. After he sucked me for a while, he asked if I would “kiss” him “down there.” I moved quickly to get his cock into my mouth.

The very first taste was incredible. It was slightly salty, probably from Bud’s pre-cum but otherwise mostly tasteless. I tried doing everything I could that I thought would feel good but Bud’s cock never got fully hard. He began guiding my head up and down and simultaneously began jacking off. Suddenly he spurted a huge wad of semen into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat and began gagging. But Bud held my head down on his dick and I ended up swallowing all of his hot salty nectar. Then I leaned back and enjoyed myself while he finished me off. I came so hard it must have hurt the back of his throat.

After that I was a little scared and when Bud went back to town and into his apartment to pick something up, I got out of his car and left in a hurry, even though I had told him I wanted to stay around and have more sex. Bud knew where I worked part time after school and came there to hang around to try to get me to have sex with him again. I never did and began to have a lot of guilt and confusion about the whole thing. I wish that I had been able to work that out so that I could have avoided some of the future hassles I experienced with girls and women and trying to put on an appearance of being straight. I’ve always been gay and always will be gay and not having had the opportunity to live my life fully as a gay has been my greatest regret. I hate being in the closet and wish that I could come out completely and one of these days I know that I will do exactly that.

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