Muscle Hunk Leo Sabatini

Muscle Hunk Leo Sabatini

Sexy Gay Hunk Leo Sabatini Jacking off his Big Gay Dick

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I had been checking out the hot muscle hunk in the sweater for weeks. He was so hot hunk, and had a very gay turtleneck sweater with even more gay jeans. He lived about a block away from me, and almost every night I jack off over him.

I was walking my dog past his house when he walked out, his gay sex power uniform on. His blond, skateboard hair bounced as he sprang out of his house

“Hey, you’re the man that keeps checking me out” he said, with a smile that gave me an instant erection on my gay penis. I noticed he had a long cock poking out of his jeans too.

“Yea, well, I guess you don’t know how hot gay you are.”

“You’re pretty hot yourself.”

As I looked at him, I noticed that he had his right ear pierced. Any questioning that he was gay I was having quickly evaporated.

“You want to come over?”

“Sure, let me drop my dog off.”

Five minutes later, I was walking in to his room. It was pretty bright with his window open, but since his room faced the backyard, I wasn’t worried that anyone would see us.

He reached over, unzipped my pants, pulled down my men’s underwear and grabbed my dick as we started to make out. It swelled too over 8″ long. I reached out and took his out from his pants. It was only 6″ long, but it was 2.5″ thick. I felt his tongue dance around mine, and I moaned.

He broke the kiss. I was sad until he started to take my pants off. Once they were down at my ankles, he put his mouth around my dick. I had spasm as his tongue traced the outline of my penis. After he traced it a couple of times, he started to suck the cum out. He didn’t have suck long, as my cum shot out into his mouth. He sucked it down, and looked up and smiled.

I took my cue, and put my mouth around his huge cock. I raced my tongue up and down his shaft, and then I sucked harder than I had ever sucked before. As he cummed into my mouth, I felt his cock throb in my mouth, and him shaking all over.

He pulled his penis out of my mouth, and forced me down on the bed. He got on top of me, and I felt him jam his cock up my muscle gay ass. It hurt at first, and then it felt good. I felt his hands reach down and go over my dick and hairy gay balls. He moved his hands around smoothly, and without warning my load shot out onto his hands. He moved his hands up to my mouth, and told me to lick the stuff of. I did, and I realized that my own semen tasted good. After 10 minutes of gay anal sex, he took his cock out of my ass, and asked me to give it to him.

I rammed my cock up his ass and started to hump. He screamed in pleasure, and then moaned. I put my gay muscle arms around his hard gay abs and squeezed. He moaned as I licked up his back, all while my penis danced in his hole.

I pulled it out, and he turned around and smiled at me. We kissed again, this time harder. Our muscular gay bodies moved on each others, and soon our cocks were touching. We both shot a load out at the same time.

I broke the kiss.

“I have to go before my mom gets home. She’ll ask were I’ve been.”

“Okay, but you have to come tomorrow. We’re not finished.”

He helped into by jeans, which had a huge cum mark on them. I was sweating, just like him. We kissed one last time, and then I skipped home, a huge orgasmic smile on my face.


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