Muscle Men Marc Bentley

Muscle Men Marc Bentley

Gay Muscle Hunk Marc Bentley Shows off his Muscular Gay Body

Last weekend I was alone and bored at home and I decided to call up my hot hunk buddy Jed to see if he wanted to come play Xbox and chill. He came over and He sat in the living room and played Cod while I made scrambled eggs for us but after a while he came and sat at the kitchen table to keep me company.

I was wearing skinny jeans and an over sized tank top and when I bent down to get salt from the cupboard I guess he could see my men’s underwear because he said “nice tight whiteys” sarcastically and laughed. I laughed and replied “fuck yeah Calvin Klein underwear for men is the best, what do you wear? Those stupid baggy boxers?” “No” he said “I don’t wear underwear” I laughed and said “bullshit, that’s so uncomfortable” and he said no look and pulled up his black gay tee shirt and I could see his pubes exposed by his low waist jeans. He is a swimmer and more muscular men than me but slim still, ill attach a picture he sent me the other day. “It’s so comfortable” he said.

I was a little weirdo out by his display so I continued cooking the eggs, served them to him and we when we were done I went to the washroom and he went to start the Xbox. When I got to the living room the news was on TV and as I walked past the chair where he was sitting, something on TV caught my attention and I guess I stopped right in front of him to watch. He said “hey get out of the way” and tried pushing me to the side, so just to bug him I continued to stand there. He grabbed around my waist and pulled me onto his lap, which kind of turned me on.

I laughed and I thought the remote was under me so I tried to grab it, nope not the remote. It was his big gay dick, gay hard as a rock and I was grabbing for it. I jumped up and started laughing trying to exaggerate the mistake. “Sorry dude” I said and he said “why? I liked it! haha” Weird moment number 2.

We started playing Cod and soon the competition started getting intense. Weird moment number 3 happened next. He said “want to play strip Cod? So every time you get killed in the game you have to take off a piece of clothing?” It was then that in my mind I decided this was it, it was going to happen, i was finally going to hook up with a dude. So I said “or we could just stop fucking around and get naked” he said “fuck yea I thought you’d never ask”

We both got butt naked men as fast as we could and our gay penis were straight and hard gay. I went over to him and straddled his waist and we started making out, soon I was on my knees in front of him sucking his dick, I had never given a blow job before but I figured I could give it a shot. He was moaning and running his fingers through my hair as I licked and sucked his shaft, he was at least 8 inches.

When I got tired of that I stood in front of him and said “now you suck me” and he did without hesitation. He was really good at it, probably better than the girl’s I’ve gotten head from before. He looked up at me while he sucked my dick which was really hot.

After a while I pulled my cock away and said “let’s go to my bedroom” so he followed me there and when I walked in the room he pushed me onto the bed and spread my hot gay ass and started licking. It felt so good, his tongue was warm and slippery swirling around my shaved butthole.

Then he asked “have you ever been fucked?” I turned back to look at him and said no. He grinned and told me “I want to fuck you, I’ll be gentle I promise” “I don’t have any condoms or lube though” I explained. “What? No condoms? I brought lube but I figured you’d at least have condoms haha!” he replied. I really wanted to get fucked so I said “I’m ok with bareback if you are” he laughed and told me “this will be a first for me!” he went to get the lube and I told some Tylenol because I had been told it hurts a lot your first time.

He came back pressed against me and leaned over and kissed me then kissed down my back and bum and licked my asshole some more. He then lubed me up and it was cold but felt good. He started rubbing the tip of his dick against my hole and gently poking at it. It felt amazing and I couldn’t wait for him to start fucking me. He asked “you ready?” and i said “yeah but take it easy” so he started to press his dick against my ass harder, harder until it slipped just into my ass, it hurt like hell and I bit the pillow. He rubbed my lower back with his hand and continued venturing into my virgin fuckhole.

He stopped when he was as deep as he could go, his whole cock buried in my ass and his hips pressing my ass cheeks. “Oh yeah” he whispered. Then he pulled out slowly, almost all the way before pressing back in again. The pain had subsided and the pleasure was awesome. I moaned quietly and he said “how’s that?” “So good dude” I replied. He smirked and started getting more into it, rolling his hips as he went in and out and slowly picked up the pace. I moaned louder as it got faster and he would say things like “your ass is so tight” and “yeah take my dick”

Then he pulled completely out and plunged completely back in, which made me moan really loud. He gripped my hips and started furiously bucking deep inside me his hips were slapping my ass each time he thrusted in. Suddenly he stopped and yelled OH FUCK YES as i felt my ass get filled with hot gobs of his jizz. He pulled out quickly and pumped a few more spurts of cum onto my butt and then collapsed on top of me.



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