Narcisso Oziel is Hot

Narcisso Oziel is Hot

Some Straight College Men Wants To Test Their Homosexual Side

Starting out in football my freshman year I was excited when school started back anticipating showers and workouts in the gym with all the hot muscle hunks. I just couldn’t wait to see them sweating down in those jock straps and looking at their cocks and asses as they walked by me. The first practice was after school and it seemed to last forever. Hitting out on the field was awesome as I caught the sweaty scent coming off all those big guys. Then we went into the field house to lift weights.

I lifted right beside all the handsome men jocks and tried to make as much physical contact as I could. When coach hollered showers from his office I felt my gay dick begin to grow. Right before my eyes all the guys stripped down. Big cocks just hanging there and all their asses. One guy beside me smelled musty and he bent over to pick up a towel and his little tight ass hole was right in front of my face. I had a full view of his hairy boy’s ass crack and his ass hole. I just tried to get as much of the smell into my nose as quick as I could. I was last to get into the showers because I stayed behind to smell all the jock straps and dirty men’s underwear that I could.

I was in heaven. Stained, dirty, smelly jock straps and underwear for men. I even wanted to steal a couple to help me when I jacked off that night. When I got home I didn’t even shower, I just ran straight to my room, stripped off my clothes, and thought about what I had experienced earlier in the day. The next day, Jake, one of the hottest hunks that dated all the playgirls walked up to me and started to talk. This was my dream, just to be one of the guys. You could smell his sweet muscular men body with cologne on.

He was tall, tanned body, huge muscular arms, rock hard abs, and nice round bubble butt. He was about 6 foot tall and weighed probable 180lbs. He had a huge proportioned cock too even when it was soft. I noticed that taking showers. I was at my locker when he walked up to me and said , “Hey Reese, Me and some guys are having a beer bash out at my house Friday night after practice if you want to come that would be cool. Don’t worry about beer and all cause I’ll have it covered.” I already knew where he lived and was stunned at what he just asked me. My whole drunken football team out in the woods. OH YEAH!!!

Who knew what could happen. Instantly I replied. “SURE! I mean….yeah I could swing by. Sounds like fun. What time I need to get there?”. “We’ll everyone wants to show up around 8:00pm.” He said. “OKAY…I’ll be there.” When he walked away he looked to make sure nobody was looking and then gave me this slap on my hard gay ass, hard too, and said “You did good out there at practice yesterday. Keep up the good work and you’ll be like me.” I didn’t say anything as he walked off and grinned at me. I just laughed. Jake was this huge popular jock and him slapping me on the ass gave me this boner and made me horny. I went and took care of that during break in the men’s bathroom smelling the urine scent and shit in the bathroom. Friday night I drove over to his house.

Starting high school my parents helped me get a ford ranger truck but I got a job after school so I could pay for it. So I drove out in the country to his house where it was complete darkness and his parent’s car was gone and all I could see was this bright glow from behind his house. I drove back there and there were all the guys. Getting drunk and smoking cigarettes talking about how much pussy they had had before. I let up a cig and opened a beer. “So how much pussy you getting short stop?” I heard Will ask me. Another good looking jock I liked to see as one of the possible naked men that night. He was tall and skinny and just got back from basic training from joining the Army. Damn he was fine.

Short stop was what they called me because I was a few inches shorter than someone my age should be. But I still had a nice 7 inch gay penis and was average looking. “OHH…I’ve been with a few girls but never made to home base.” ” Stuttered scared shitless. “Oh…that’s cool. I know some girls that would get the job done for you.” Andrew said. “Okay…sounds well.” That’s all I managed to get out of my mouth. We’ll… A couple hours passed and it was about 10:00 pm and guys were dropping like flies.

Only a few of us remained around the campfire talking about shit. Well…I told Jake and some guys I was going up to my truck to grab something. I really didn’t know I was doing but I was too wasted to care. I was taking a piss when I heard footsteps. I turned and nobody was there. I could see the guys still at the campfire.

As I was putting my big gay dick back in my blue jeans someone walked around from behind my truck. It was Jake. He had watched me take a piss and was standing there rubbing his gay hard cock. I was so turned on. “Here, let me help with that.” He put his hand on my semi hard dick and stuck it back in my pants after giving it a little rub. “Follow me.” He whispered in my ear. We went into his house and back to his room I guess because it was full of sports stuff and dirty clothes. He laid me down on my bareback and we just gazed into each other’s eyes. We started kissing swapping spit and sucking on each other’s tongue.

His mouth tasted sweet. He started to undress me and licked all over my torso and hairy chest and licked my nipples. I had to be dreaming. I was drunk and had the hottest guy in town sucking my nipples. Then he sucked my cock. He was so damn good at it. Then I did the same for him. He got over on his hands and knees and told me to eat him out. His ass was dripping with sweat and his ass hole had a musty wonderful smell and his ass tasted so good. Then I fingered him. I was shocked by what he said next. “Would you please fuck me?” Without thinking twice I spit on his ass and my cock and stuck my cock in him. He didn’t even say anything.

I knew he had been fucked before. He loved it. I rode him for about an hour. “OHH SHIT” I didn’t have on a condom and I had his ass juice all over my cock. I was just about to cum all over the place and I pulled out and he turned around and sucked on my dick.

He swallowed almost every amount of my cum until I pulled out of his mouth and some was still squirting so it just shot all over his face. Then I bent over and kissed him and licked my cum off his face. Then we went back out to the campfire and I was amazed. Will and Caleb were going down on each. I instantly got another boner. What happened then is another story.

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