Nude Muscle Hunk Dimitri

Nude Muscle Hunk Dimitri

Free Gay Video Clips of Sexy Gay Hunk Dimitri

I had a crush on one of the most popular hunk in college. He was a tough handsome men looking. His name was Dimitri and although I wanted his big gay dick in my mouth, Dimitri and I didn’t get along. Dimitri was in my homeroom so I seen him every morning and every afternoon before high school was over. For some reason Dimitri didn’t like me. I don’t mean like me to the point that was fucking each other every night but he didn’t like as a friend.

We hadn’t talked to each other ever. I still had a crush on him. He looked so hot gay but since we didn’t have much in common and he didn’t like me I said forget about him we could never be. The school year went passed and I could just forget about Dimitri he was so hot hunk that he stayed in my mind the whole time. As the school went more on I was doing great in all my classes but Dimitri was struggling. I dreamed of telling him I could help you if you bend over and take it like a man.

The last day of high school the teacher tell the student if the move on to the next grade or do they stay in the same grade. All my friend and me were moving to the next grade. After you heard if you were moving on and staying back you could go home so every one left. I forget my book bag so I went back to my homeroom and I seen Dimitri looking at a piece of paper and crying. Dimitri a tough man so when I seen him crying it took me by surprise. I sat down next to him and asked what’s wrong. He looked at me and said none of your business. I got mad and said Hey I’m just trying to cheer you up.

With a surprised look on his face He said okay I just found out that I getting kept back. Then he explained how his family was counting on him to succeed in school like his cousin. His cousin goes to the same school as him. His cousin is a real smart-ass. I said its okay I bet your family will understand and you just try your hardest next year. He said I guess so, hey your OK we should’ve talked more during the school year. He looked into my eyes and I was under his control. I then without thinking gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

He looked surprised and I don’t know what came over me. I jumped out of the chair and walked away.  He grabbed me on my muscle gay arm turned my around and put a deep kiss on my gay boy’s lips. I grabbed his hot muscle ass while we were in this kiss. I guess it’s because Dimitri was emotional that he gave me that kiss. It was dream come true. I then pushed my luck and asked do you want me to suck your gay dick he said yes. I was so excited and happy he said yes. I got on my knee. I started unzipping his pants. I pulled down his men’s underwear to see a big 9-inch gay penis in my face. I put the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking. I grabbed Dimitri nice ass and started massaging it. I then turn the sucking faster and faster.

Dimitri started moaning. Then his dick got thicker and I knew he was going cum and he did all in my mouth. I swallowed his man juice and I got up and before I could say anything Dimitri said my turn. I was so shocked. He actually got on his knees and unzipped my pants and pulled down my underwear for men. Next thing I know he was sucking my hard gay dick. I tell he was new at this because he started slowly. After a while he started to get used to the taste and the feeling. He started to increase speed and I was enjoying this. I then felt me about to cum so I told Dimitri so I don’t bust in his mouth and he continued and I busted in his mouth. I then seen he swallowed it. Dimitri then went to get his book bag and pulled out some KY jelly.

I asked why do you have that in your bag and he said in situations like this. He then said are you ready for this. He bent me over a table them he lubed my ass. He asked if I ever been fucked and I said yes. Then he said good so I can go as fast as I want. He entered his gay hard dick in my ass and it felt good. He started fucking fast and beat my ass like their no tomorrow.

He had me in the doggy style position and it felt great. Next thing I felt was a hot liquid type substance. He cummed in my ass then my whole muscular gay body tightened up and I unleashed some cum also. He said okay so what position do you want me in.

This day just keeps better and better! I told him to bend over the table. I lubed his ass up and slowly put my dick up his gay muscle ass. He was screaming and I told still until he got used to it. I was so excited. I always dreamed of this. Before Dimitri could even get used to my dick I started pumping in and out if his ass because I was and excited and inpatient. That causes him to scream more but after a while of my pumping my dick in and out of his ass Dimitri got used to it and started moaning.

Started fucking him harder and harder so he could feel the pleasure. I could feel my dick get harder which means I was about to cum in Dimitri ass. I warned him so he could brace himself for it and he then I did it. I cummed and then he cummed. We were now tired from the hardcore gay sex we just had. Dimitri gave me his number and we stayed connected over the summer. Dimitri took my advice and did amazing the next year with my help.

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