Nude Muscle Hunk Kurt

Nude Muscle Hunk Kurt

Gay Bodybuilder Kurt Showing off His Gay Muscles

It was my first year in college and I was really excited I had just started my second semester and had made the honor roll the first semester. I was involved in many after school programs and was very good in the sports area. I was in great shape I worked out 4 times a week and ran every morning.

I had taken gym before and I had the hottest hunk teacher in my school, he had hot muscle gay abs of steal and a great smile. It was one of the only classes that I wanted to be the teacher’s pet. I would always come to class early and stay late to clean the equipment up after school he gave me a great grade it was even the highest in the class. The best part of the class was to even the actually workouts and games it was the warm ups as we sat on the floor at the begging of every class to do our leg stretches I always made sure to sit in front of him as you got the best look and his huge package in his tight shorts.

In my new semester I had found out that he would not be one of my teachers I was very disappointed but had no other choice. During lunch one day my best friend sat down beside me and started up a conversation about how he was going to be trying out for the track team and asked if I would go with him. I agreed and met him behind school lat the track after school. To my surprise there he was my gym teacher in his tight shorts it turned out he was the track coach. The next day I went to find out if I had made the team I did not too much surprise I was great runner. I attended meets and it was not even to win but just to watch his package out.

It was the last meet and although I had a great time in track I was upset that I would not see him s much anymore. I had stayed late that day I went to my locker grabbed my stuff to take a shower and went to the change room to soap up. As I entered I heard the showers running and thought it was one of the other hot hunks on the team who had stayed late too. However as I rounded the corner I found my gym teacher soaping up with a big gay dick. In my dreams in was at least 8 inches and boy was I right it might have even been a close 9. I stood watching him soap himself for a minute and to my shock he turned around and invited me into the shower saying “I don’t bite”, I hoped in and pointed one of the shower head towards me and soaped up not facing him afraid he would catch me with my the 7 inch gay hard on I wanted to get out of their as quick as I could. Then out of nowhere I felt his hand slide down my body builder’s body then moving up to where he grabbed my throbbing gay dick and jerked it.

I turned around to see a big smile on his face he pushed me to the ground and pushed my mouth into his gay penis and I sucked like ever before I had sucked another gay before my friends and I pleasured each other all the time. This was different however I was so into it I took him right into my mouth with no struggle and within 5 minutes he has shoot his load right down my throat the taster was the sweetest as it flowed down. He pulled me up to wear we were face to face and kissed me in the moment it was great. To this day I am known by all the muscle hunk teachers and enjoy a regular suck fest every day.

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