Nude Muscle Men Peter Porter

Nude Muscle Men Peter Porter

Hot Muscle Gay Hunk Peter Porter Has Incredible Gay Muscles

Tyler and Peter are at home alone all of the time because their mom has to work all the time to make ends meet. They are both young but their mother still trust them to be left home alone. One weekend their mom decides to go on a vacation with her muscle hunk boyfriend because she works all the time and thought she could us a break. She called the boys downstairs and told them her plan. Tyler was okay with the idea but Peter didn’t want Tyler to be left in charge of things. Their mom told Tyler to take care of Peter and for Peter to listen to everything Tyler tells him. Then she went on her way. This was Thursday and she would be gone until the following Sunday.

Tyler is just discovering masturbation and finds that he is more interested in other gay boys than girls. He didn’t see any problem with it, it was just the way he was, even though he was scared to tell his mom. Tyler went right to work telling Peter to do anything he wanted. He made Peter clean up the house and Peter kept complaining

Tyler told Peter the complaining would bring consequences but Peter didn’t believe him because they were normally friends. So, Peter kept complaining and Tyler decided that something had to be done. He thought for a moment and decided to make Peter do the chores butt naked men. Peter was a little scared but didn’t want Tyler to tell mom he wasn’t listening, so he did as he was told.

Tyler found that he was very interested in watching the younger brother clean in the nude. He decided it was time for Peter to take a break and told him to sit down. Peter agreed but asked to go to the bathroom and Tyler said okay. To Peter’s surprise, when he came back Tyler was also nude and told Peter to come watch TV.

Peter came and sat on the other end of the couch from Tyler. Tyler laid down do his head rested on Peter’s crotch. Peter was scared to say anything so he let Tyler lay there.

Tyler could feel Peter’s little gay dick getting gay hard under his head and was surprised because he had just became capable of getting a hard gay on. He leaned up to see that his little brother, only 17 years old, was more developed than him.

Peter had a 6 inch gay penis, cut compared to Tyler’s 5 inch. Peter was obviously scared but said nothing. Tyler was embarrassed because his cock was so much smaller than his brother’s.

Unable to control his emotions, Tyler took Peter’s big gay dick in his mouth and started to suck him off. Peter was so surprised he started yelling but soon realized that it felt good and let it continue.

Tyler finished him off and Peter said now it’s my turn. Peter leaned over and took Tyler’s cock in his mouth and sucked him off. Then Tyler made Peter bend over and fucked him in his hot gay ass and Peter followed that by fucking Tyler in the ass.

They went and showered off and slept nude together on their mom’s bed with Tyler’s cock rubbing Peter’s hairy gay ass. They continued for the next four days straight until mom came home and then went to bed early every night for a little hardcore gay sex.


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