Ray Arde is Huge

Ray Arde is Huge

Huge Gay Bodybuilder Ray Arde Hot Gay Pictures

I was lying in bed with James in his bed. I loved his apartment. Thank god he was 25 and we can fuck at his place without worrying who would be listening, unlike my ex boyfriend who was 18 like me at that time, could never do anything intimate without being overheard or watched by overprotective parents.

My parents are gone now. They won’t be back for another week, but I told them I’d be out of the house studying at the library or visiting friends.

“Simon, I know you’re eighteen and all, but baby, I think were ready to have gay sex.” said James.

“I told you James, I want to wait till I’m 21.”

“I know, I know, but we’ve been together for 2 years and all we get are hand jobs. And seriously, I don’t want to wait three more years to drill your hole.” said James, putting on some gay porno film… I knew he would try and get me hard and try once again to fuck me.

I watched the video with him and noticed his gay dick was getting hard gay and was poking through the blanket. My cock was getting gay hard too.

Maybe this time I would go all the way, I’ve been waiting for gay anal sex since I was 18. Somehow older men turned me on but not too old. 25 years old or under was perfect for me.

“Simon, I love you. I never want to force you into doing anything you don’t want to.” he said kissing my lips and rubbing my hairy chest.

I kissed him hard and I loved the way he kissed me. His soft lips were so silky and made me want to put my big gay dick in there.

“Well, I want to. I want you in me. I want to moan your name and feel you screw me with your 8 inch cock.” I said, rubbing his gay penis and still kissing him.

His hot gay dick hardened to a full 10 inches and I could already feel it in me, it was so tantalizing. I took off my gay tee shirt and pulled down my men’s thongs.

James was practically ripping off his black gay shirt and his briefs seemed to fly off. He kneeled on the bed, in front of me and held my hairy gay legs up.

He inserted his juicy dick into me.

“Aaah. Baby, slow down.” I said moaning, thinking that if I could withstand his whole cock. Later, I knew, I could. James gay muscle abs was in front of me and I caressed them while he pushed in and out of my hole. My dick was hard as steel now and I began to jerk off quickly.

“Fuck me hard James!” I moaned.

“Ooooh yessss. fuck yes. Harder baby. HARDER!” my head bent back a little and I moaned loudly.

I could hear James gay boy’s balls smack against my ass and it made me even hornier. I found the strength to push him off and get on top of him.

“What the fuck? How’d you do that?” he said, surprised I was now sitting on his dick.

“Shush. Just relax.” I said.

I got off him and went lower…my face was now directly in front of his meaty rod. I grabbed it and massaged his dick. I slowly jerked him off and taunted him by putting it close to my lips. I opened wide and swallowed half of it. It was so huge. I felt him ready to explode and felt his cum thrust through my throat.

“Oh fuuuuck!” he yelled, grabbing onto the blankets.

I laid back on him, my face in his chest. His cock was throbbing on mine and both were pumping like a heartbeat. He grabbed me and said, “I’m not finished with you baby.” He turned me to my stomach and felt his rod in my hole. I moaned.

He was now pumping his dick and my ass was filled with pain but it was pain that was enjoyable and I screamed into the pillow. I don’t know what he was doing but he was pumping so hard and fast I thought my ass was on fire.

He humped me hard once and made me jump. Again he did it. My hole was throbbing but I wanted him in me forever. Once again I jumped to his deeply hard humps.



And again, he was smashing my ass with his cock and my ass was ripped.

“Fuuuuuck.” he yelled, and I felt hot goo burst into my hole, I didn’t know he could cum more than once. But I took it all in. He took it out and I stood up to face him. He kneeled and put my dick in his hands and jacked me off until I cummed all over his chest, dripping down his hot muscle abs and down over his cock. I was tired, I knew he was too.

We turned on the shower in the bathroom and washed off. I kissed him in the shower. He was still hard, and so was I. We rubbed our dicks together and gave each other hickies on the neck.

“That was great”, I said while letting go of his lips and placing my head on his chest.

He lay back against the wall and held my muscle gay butt while our dicks were still glued together.

“You know, the gay porn is still on.” he smiled.

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