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I just had my 18th birthday and shortly after, I entered my first year of senior school, with 3 years left of school I was nervous as hell, hoping I would get a high enter score, and making it into a great university. Everyday was the same. Completing exams, tests, homework for teachers…I also somehow managed to find time to play soccer whenever I could. Friday lunch times were our away game days. Every other lunch time, we had training. It was the same thing every Friday, get on the field, score some goals, get off the field, and go to next class, usually Math or English.

This one lunch time after the game however…I decided to do something completely out of the ordinary, I was still anxious, so I decided to wait a bit until all the hot hunks finished showering in the locker rooms, and when it was safe to do so, I walked in. I wasn’t ashamed of my gay body, nor was I fat or hairy gay… But I wasn’t ready to get naked in front of all the handsome men…I didn’t feel comfortable just yet. I checked if everyone was gone, and I decided to strip off my sweaty gay tee shirt, shorts and gay jocks, and turned the shower on.

Our locker rooms were pretty old, and the showers were communal, come to think of it everything was communal, even the cubicles have no doors. Either way, I needed to wash all the sweat off…I washed my body with the warm water….. After a good game, I always seem to feel like jacking off…I knew all the muscle hunks had been finished, so I decided to give my cock that was so hard gay, a bit of a rub…my uncut gay dick wasn’t very big, last time I checked I reached the 7” mark, but it was thick, and that’s what I loved about it……. I kept rubbing it until it got gay hard……until I heard the locker room door creak open… that’s when it had flashed to me…the coach had held behind the buff senior school jock, Pierre- to talk to him about competing for his out of school soccer club.

Pierre was tanned, he came from an Italian background, and all the girls in the school had gone out with him by year 7… This made all the other muscle men jealous… not only did he have skills on the field, but also off the field………

I turned around and there he was. I looked down at his huge bulge in his men’s underwear………and I noticed that he got a huge hard-on by staring at my uncut gay penis. I quickly turned around trying to hide my hard on……..when he said “it’s okay mate, everyone gets them”…….this made me feel a little better….and within a few seconds he was showering next to me, with his huge 8” cock still erect. I kept trying to stare at it whenever I got the chance, but by the third time I had done it, he noticed me…….and said “want to jack off together?”

I said yes not wanting to pass this opportunity. And we both started jacking off in front of each other….I closed my eyes, and before I knew it, Pierre was down on his knees, holding my uncut big gay dick, and within a few seconds, he had my whole 7” cock down his throat………….I kept moaning, getting louder and louder each time. I told him to stop and get up……………so that I could get down and suck of his huge cock. I hesitated at first………but slowly I put his whole 8 inches into my mouth, and I heard him say “oh, fuck yes! Suck it hard!”

After a few minutes I felt his cum fill in my mouth, shot after shot, he didn’t stop coming. He told me class had started, but I didn’t care, I needed to get my cock into his hot bubble ass … I made him bend over on the floor, and without even thinking if it would hurt….I shoved my cock into his tight ass. He immediately screamed “Fucking hell! Take it easy”… .I didn’t listen and kept shoving it in and out until I reached orgasm… I shot so many loads of cum, it was unbelievable……….I pulled out of his ass, and we both lay there, under the warm water silent…

We heard the bell ring for next class, and ran out of the showers, got dressed and went to next class………It has been a month since that day….we never talked after that, only giving the occasional smile as we walked pass each other to class…I also never went to the locker room after that either….One day I know I will get some courage and go their again…..Until then, I will still remember my first time with Pierre being unbelievable.

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