Gay Pics of Sexy Gay Hunks

It happened to be a Sunday morning and like all other Sunday mornings it seemed to me that the world had come to a standstill. Nothing much was really happening and eventually when I dragged myself out of the bed a desperate feeling of boredom came upon me. I took a quick shower and decided to venture out to the bazaar for a stroll and a light breakfast.

It was an average day with an average weather. There was nothing spectacular about it. I walked up to a hunk fruit seller and after a slight bargain bought a bunch of bananas to munch upon. As I had nothing particular planned for the day I started strolling towards the wholesale granary and when I least expected it “it happened”……

He was picking up sacks full of grain and loading them onto a waiting truck. He has a muscular men body with hairy boy’s legs but despite his being a muscle hunk he was not the average laborer and I am sure he was someone forced to indulge in physical labor due to a financial handicaps. Well…..I could not resist the temptation and walked up to him. The first thing I enquired from him was his name to which he responded back with a low voiced but a clear “Ajay”. I asked him how long did he have to work and he replied his task was done and he could do “whatever I wished him to”…….Well………

I asked him if he was hungry and he said he had not had anything to eat since the past one day…..I was completely taken aback, I asked him to come with me to my place and handed him over the last banana left with me. He gobbled it down hungrily.

At my place I gave him some bread and milk to drink which he finished in less than a minute. While he was eating, with him completely engrossed in his food I stared at him. He was around 19 and hairy chest. He was rather fair by any standards and very chocolaty….Well…once he had finished eating I asked him to use my bathroom and take a shower. To which he jumped with joy and I handed him over a pair of my jockstraps and a fresh towel…

He came out of the shower as a completely new person. Very clean, beautiful, dripping and in my men’s underwear.

I asked him if he needed a job and he said he could do “anything” for earning a few bucks….I could not resist further and instantly kissed him. He was shocked but dint say anything………I slipped my hand in his underwear for men and drove it down. He stood there stark naked staring at me………..

He had an 8 inch which made me go crazy. I took of all my clothes and pushed him on the bed. He was very nervous but he dint resist. I cuddled up to him and continued with my kissing. I was beginning to feel he was enjoying this………he had started responding. We kissed and sucked for a while and then I turned him over. He had no idea what I was going to do with him….

I lubed his hot hunks ass, which I must quote was the tightest thing I had ever been into….and shoved my finger inside. He shouted…AHHHHHH!

I had to literally cover his mouth from my hand to control his voice but after sometime his shouting changed to a whimper. He pleaded to me not to do it again but I was not in a mood to listen….I was busy rubbing the gel on my tool and on the next opportunity I let my hard gay dick in into the virgin hole. A shot of pain stung through his body and he became quite violent but I was ready for this. I held him close and did not allow him to budge and started to move…

As my movement increased his retaliation diminished and soon his muscle gay ass was pounding against my thighs. In a matter of minutes I jerked my gay hard cock and let my entire juice flow in him.

Once done I withdrew from him and threw him back on the bed…….

I had completely used him and didn’t want to deal with him further. He was trying to cuddle up to me again but I shrugged him away. I took out a 100 rupee bill and threw it at him and asked him to leave…..

He kept staring at my naked men body but I was done with him. I dragged him out of the bed, collected his belongings, took my underwear away and showed him the door.

What else was I to do with a laborer?

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