Sexy Guys, Mark & Jordan Going At Each Other

Sexy Guys, Mark & Jordan Going At Each Other

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I was visiting a website and all of a sudden I hear a banging on the door. I get up to get it and come to find out there was a male standing there a black gay muscle hunk.

He pushed me down on to the ground and pulled out a gun and pointed it at me and said, “Give me all your damn money.”

I had to briefly explain to him that I did not have any money. He just stood there and was looking at me. He really seemed pissed off. He looked like he was going to pull the trigger until I say, “I can get you anything else!”

“Anything?!” he asked.

“Anything- What do you want. Furniture? Food? Sex?!”

“What do you mean sex?” he seemed to calm down and he put the gun down so I thought that was a good choice.

I stood up and said,” This is what I mean!” And I kissed him on the lips. I was rubbing the back of his head. We both went to the couch and we continued kissing. He was leaning forward to try to get on top of me. Which he won and when he got on top of me I felt his gay hard and horny cock.

He then stood up and grabbed my hand and we went upstairs to my bedroom. He took off his jacket and gay tee shirt on the way up to the room.

We both lay down on the bed and we continued kissing. We stopped and he stuck out his tongue and I started sucking on it. I then take off gloves and his black pants and shoes and socks. He is there in his black jockstrap. I could see a huge bulge in his dick area of his jockstrap. I get undressed down to nude and I sit on top of his dick.

He grabbed my hands and said “Be sure you won’t tell who I am!” I nodded and took it off. It was this male who was in college who I thought was dead drop sexy and gorgeous. I went back down and kissed him some more. I kissed down his chin and neck. Then down to his chest and stomach. Right to the tip of his jockstrap line. Then I pull it down to reveal a huge, big, and great looking gay penis. It looked about 9 inches and had hairy gay balls but the pubes area above his big gay dick was shaved. I continued kissing down and I got to the shaft of his cock and I took one big suck. He grudged up and moaned and put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down.

Now I am not much of a deep throat but by golly this dude forced me. I continued sucking and I started putting my tongue in a wave motion on the cock. Then he started to tense up and his breathing got heavier and he started shooting loads of his hot male cum into my mouth. I was drinking it all and he never stopped shooting. Finally I sucked the last bit of juices left. He then turned over and spread his muscle gay legs wide open. I took some of the cum off of the sheets and I used to as lubrication. I rubbed it all over my cock then I said “Here is goes!” And I shoved my 7.5 in cock in all at once. He screamed and moaned but then as I held my position. I then started to move my hips then I started to fuck his ass. Hard gay and good. He was moaning with each hump.

I was finally reaching the point of “no return” and I shot my hot male cum all in his ass. He flipped over and I bent down and I kissed him.

He had to go and I asked him will this happen again. He said no but here is a present “It was his jockstrap with a spot of his cum in it.”


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