Sexy Muscles

Sexy Muscles

Sexy Gay Muscle Hunk Showing Off His Incredible Muscular Gay Pictures

On my last trip to my country Puerto Rico I did all the things that I hadn’t planned to do…Ok it all started a great Tuesday afternoon when I was staying at my cousins house for two days we were home alone the two glorious days thanks that our parents were in another city camping.

We first went to the pool where I saw his great muscle men body get wet which immediately turned me on but I could show it since no one knew I was gay after he said to go down and get a shower to wash of before going up stair to the apartment we were basically taking the shower together.

He gently took his men’s underwear a little forward to wash off his cock and from the corner of my eye I could see it all I was already picturing it up my asshole. It was fat and big.

Then we went up stair and watched TV then he decided to show me one of my uncles play boy magazines thinking that would break the ice Oh! and so it did after that I told him that while taking the shower earlier I had seen his cock and it was so hard gay and he said I know I saw you but I didn’t so that you could see it and I was like I can’t believe you and he said I did because I want us to make the most we can out of your stay here with me and by the time he finished saying that he had me into his shirtless muscular men body we kissed and it felt like heaven I grabbed his ass which was gay hard just how I like it then he took off my underwear for men and started to suck my gay dick it felt so good he liked the head of my big gay dick with his tongue then it was my turn I took his underwear off and I started to suck his uncut gay penis ( just like mine that is why I always have a thing for uncut gay dicks) he started to moan harder and harder which made me even more horny then he said stop and kissed me I sat doggie style and he opened my ass wide he tried putting his cock in but since I had never had gay anal sex it didn’t go in he went to the bathroom and took a bottle of Vaseline which I gently spread all over his big 9 inch dick then I had him lay on the bed and I sat on his cock making his cock fit perfectly into my ass then he took it out and started to fuck me doggie style again this time it worked and he stroked his cock hard very hard up my hole I moaned and he slapped my ass then he took it out. He jerked me off and suck me then I jerked off and cummed all over his hairy chest then he cummed all over the bed after seeing all my hot cum all over him that night we did it the whole night and the next day we did it in the shower and in his kitchen.. We are still in touch and planning to meet up again.

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