Tarek Elsetouhi Has Huge Muscles

Tarek Elsetouhi Has Huge Muscles

Nude Muscle Hunk Gay Pics

This was my recent gay sex experience and I hope many of you will love it.

There is a park in northeast Ohio that has a well-known reputation for being a hot gay pick up area. Its 355 acres and long hiking trails near its 15 acre lake has provided its gay visitors with plenty of opportunity to get to know each other. It wasn’t just this vague reputation that piqued my interest in a visit but rather the persistent tales I kept hearing about THE “Glory Hole” in the park’s restroom and changing booth building.

I heard many stories over the years about this unique ‘feature’ and read about it on the Internet. Then, just recently, I heard about it from my new friend Jim. I just had to see this famous little hole for myself and maybe, just maybe, ‘visit’ it on an intimate level!

I arrived at the Tinkers Creek State Park at 7:30 PM Wednesday and pulled into the parking lot. There were only two other cars in the whole park and I could see that fishermen owned them. I went to one of the near shore picnic tables and sat down. I wasn’t there for more than five minutes before it began to drizzle. Both fishermen packed their gear and headed to their cars and left. I looked around and was sure that I was the only person in the whole park.

I made my way to the restroom and once inside I began my quest to find the subject of my attention and curiosity. There were three changing booths on the North wall. I opened the door to the first one and saw nothing. When I opened the second door I froze and stared – There it was!

I went inside and sat on the bench and stared at this small two-inch hole that was smoothly bored through the half-inch thick wood wall separating the second and third booths. I stuck my finger into the hole and gently felt around it. As I did I felt a strong sensual charge of energy flow into me. I immediately got a gay hard on, which like a strong magnet, seemed to be attracted to that hole!

As I explored this little wonder, I began imagining how much pleasure it must have produced for the many guys who came here during the many years before me. How many hard gay throbbing gay dicks were shoved through it and brought to their ultimate climax? I became so hot, hard and horny that I could no longer stand it. I dropped my pants and men’s underwear and stood before it and as I did, I could hear the echoes of hundreds of pleasurable moans and cries reverberating throughout the room.

I succumbed to my overwhelming urges and penetrated that beautiful little hole with my entire manhood. I felt as if there were many imaginary hands and lips caressing me. I began humping and letting its smooth wooden edges transfer its stored sexual energy directly to my hairy gay balls and groin. I felt my juices boiling and my hairy boy’s legs buckling as I erupted in total ecstasy. My loud moans of pleasure and delight now mingled with those I had been imagining. At the height of my eruption, my gay penis was so swelled that it seemed like the hole clamped itself around me and wouldn’t let go until I was completely drained.

I allowed all the energy stored in that glorious hole to enter my entire muscular gay body and have its way with me. In the end, I returned that energy along with a good portion of my own to make it stronger for the next lucky guys to cum along!

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