You Won’t Resist Lionel Brown’s Huge Muscles

You Won’t Resist Lionel Brown’s Huge Muscles

Sweaty Gay Pictures of Black Gay Bodybuilder under the Heat of the Sun

Rest Area 21 was a notorious cruising ground that someone was always giving someone else head in the bathroom. Mike was not far from Rest Area 21 he’d stop there on his way to his folks. Sunday morning Mike drove to Rest Area 21, Andy figured that on Sunday morning the only hot hunks stopping by would be looking for some action- which he and Rob were providing. Andy and Rob went in to make sure the joint was empty, and then they staked out a good spot in the woods-close enough to see who went in the bath room, but not close that they could be seen. The two guys that were at Rest Area 21 had posted Mike’s name on the wall. A Jetta pulled up, and out strode this muscle hunk. He looked to be in his 20’s with dark eyes curly black hair, a pretty hot muscle gay body, a very nice butt. He walked into the restroom two uniformed cops outside in the woods. One was about Mike’s age the other was one or two years older. He looked around before going straight into the john: – Andy and Rob waited a few more minutes to give the hunk time to get going, and then Andy and Rob headed toward the door. Mike walked over to the urinal to take leak he unzipped his fly and pulled out his big gay dick holding his hand on the wall. Mike was just about pee when the two cops burst in. They were, standing behind Mike. “Don’t move!” Rob shouted. “Police!” He could feel some ones hand on his bareback, Mike finished up and he looked at the one cop who was holding his hand on Mike bare back. He looked like a nice guy he stopped Mike from putting his gay dick away and he turned Mike around the other cop was. Rob stopped Mike from putting his gay penis away and turned him around to Andy. “Don’t touch yourself” Put your hands behind your head now.” Mike offered no resistance his hard gay dick was out the Rob was holding Mike so the Andy could see Mikes cock “Hey Rob what are we going to do with this guy?” “Andy what do you think we should do with this guy?” Sweat ran down his face Mike was nervous. Mike murmured something. Who are these guys, this is very strange. “So are you going to raise me or something?”Mike said.” “Andy says take your pants off.” Mike took his pants off as Andy told him to. “We got us a cherry faggot here.” “I’ll tell you what gay boy,” he said “We’ll let you go, all right.” After you suck our gay hard dicks” Rob added. He grinned. He had been waiting to get to this part. Mike kneeled down in front of me and waited for me to get my seven-inch poker out. Released from my pants, my cock seemed to swell even bigger as this guy sized it up for a moment. “That’s a pretty big dick, Officer,” he said. “Just suck it,” I said and held my dick slid easily all the way down his throat. Man did it feel good to have his hot lips and tongue all over my throbbing cock!”Yeah, that’s it Mike. Suck my hot cock, you cocksucker.” I moaned. “How you doing Andy you?” he asked. “Just fine,” I gasped. I didn’t need to shove my cock into his mouth he was eagerly swallowing every inch I had Rob’s encouragement to the stud sucking my prick shouted to the stud sucking my prick. Pretty soon I could feel that familiar tingle. “Fuck man, I’m going to cum!” I said “Swallow it Mike, take my load! Take every drop of that load dude!” I shouted as I shot streak after streak of jizz down this hot gay hunks throat. He wanted it he swallowed my load, and kept on sucking my prick until he got every last drop of come out of me. Rob was jacking his cock he was twitching, and I could tell that he was getting ready to blow too. “Looks like you could use some service.” I got him up off the floor and turned him around and Rob pushed him up against the wall he wanted to stop me, from pushing his face into the wall. “I have to get my laundry done today, my mom and dad are waiting for me.” “You’ll get home soon Mike.” “What do you guys want from me” Mike said. Not knowing what would come next. “Hold him Rob,” I said.” Andy got out some lube and he put some into Mike’s ass he then pushed his finger in and you know what comes next.

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