Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas

Hot Gay Pictures of Male Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas

It was the first month of high school. I had just started at a new high school and immediately found out that things would be so much different. I had all of my other classes with other freshmen hunks, except gym class. There were sophomores, juniors & seniors. Especially seniors! I’ll never forget the first time I saw Nathan. He was HOT! It was my first gym class and there he was standing in a sleeveless shirt revealing his hot muscle arms and his shorts revealing his sexy hairy boys legs.

Nathan was the football star & played every sport. He had a handsome men face and everything about him was hot. That night after first seeing him I went to him and blew the biggest load I had ever blown. It was amazing! The next day in gym was not so good. He was playing basketball and Nathan was on the other team! I couldn’t stop looking at his hot hunks body. I was so distracted I missed every pass. Half way through I was guarding the basket when Nathan came flying up and his hairy chest and hot gay jocks body brushed up against me.

I went crazy and got an instant erection. I was embarrassed and did not want anyone to see so I ran to the bathroom. After 10 minutes. I went back and endured my yelling by the teacher. I thought I had made it…no one had seen me. All of us went back down to the locker room and changed. I had gym last period of the day so there was no rush. Everyone had already left and I didn’t see anyone else in sight. So as I left I heard a muscular men voice. It was Nathan!

“Why’d you run off during the game?”

“I had to go to the bathroom”, I said

“No you didn’t…I saw your nine incher bulging through you shorts.”

By this point I was really embarrassed and worried that he’d tell everyone.

Just then he reached between my hairy gay legs and gripped my bulge. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

He said, “I want to welcome you to high school.”

He ripped off my men’s underwear and started sucking my cock that is so hard gay. He licked the pre-cum off my head and swallowed all nine inches of my dick. It felt like he tongued my balls for an hour and I had never experienced such ecstasy!

Then he told me to bend over. It was time for a bareback sex! I jerked suddenly when I felt his warm smooth tongue in my ass. He ate my ass out forever and I loved it. Then he spread my ass apart and began pushing the head of his uncut gay penis into my hole. I told him it wouldn’t fit but he didn’t stop. There’s only about 1/2 inch in my hole when I started screaming and moaning really loud. He gripped my gay hard nipples and pushed with all his might. It hurt so badly and I screamed in pain. Then after five minutes…I liked it…A lot!

Before I knew it I was pushing back and he fucked me gay hardcore. It felt so good! He said he was ready to blow, so he pulled his big dick out and turned me around. I gave his cock a few strokes and out spied the largest cumshot I have ever seen. I swallowed as much of his cum as I could and sucked on his uncut gay dick for a while.

We finally finished up and both left the locker room.

I’ll never forget Nathan and my first real high school work out!

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